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Things haven't exactly been easy for Simon Lewis over the course of Shadowhunters. Becoming a vampire might not be something on most people's future goals list, but unfortunately that's what poor Simon has had to deal with since the second half of Season 1.

So far in Season 2, Simon's story has very much been about the young vampire coming to terms with his strange new reality, an especially difficult task given that he can't really live with his family, or his Shadowhunter friends. So what can we expect for Simon's journey in Season 2? Actor Alberto Rosende recently spoke to Movie Pilot about just that, and thankfully for Simon fans it all seems rather hopeful.

As Season 2 began, Simon was in an odd position. Despite offering his support to Clary through most of Season 1, after becoming a vampire he found himself sort of isolated from the group. Rosende told Movie Pilot:

"The vampires don't want him, he can't really hang out with werewolves — because werewolves don't like vampires as we saw in Episode 1 of the season. So he's kind of left to his own devices to kind of figure out where he can be."

But as hard as it's been for Simon, it looks like being left to figure out his place in this strange new world might result in some new and very interesting friendships, including one with new character Maia. Rosende said:

"He's kind of creating a new support system, Clary's very busy with all the Shadowhunter things and Simon kind of has to learn to lean on himself a little bit more. So we seen him handle his own journey, deal with the things he's always been dealing with; being in love with Clary, these new characters that are coming in like Maia - we'll see what happens there - but, I'm very excited for Simon. Constant growth, and constantly trying to look up in the face all odds."

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Simon and Maia [Credit: Freeform]
Simon and Maia [Credit: Freeform]

While Simon might not always be able to turn to the Shadowhunters for help, and the vampires don't really seem to be on his side, thankfully he has found an ally in Magnus, the high warlock of Brooklyn. Rosende explained:

"[Magnus] is the most knowledgeable character we have of the Downworld, he's been alive for 700 - 800 years so he truly knows the differences between the cultures of werewolves and the culture of vampires. One of the most important things that you saw is that Magnus started a little spark in Simon in Episode 2 when they go to India together and Magnus goes 'Simon what are you afraid of, you're a vampire! Time for you to man up' and I think there are those little things that Magnus does that are very blunt and can be a little mean, but at the same time be like 'yeah that's actually true, I'm kind of a bad ass creature now, I need to kind of own that and find his confidence'"

[Credit: Freeform]
[Credit: Freeform]

But although Simon might need to gain confidence in being a vampire, Rosende thinks that Simon's sense of confidence in himself is the reason why fans have been so drawn to him, and he even likens the characters to his own best friend, James. Rosende says:

"... You only really have to be cool for yourself to be cool, that's the thing about it, and I think Simon is aware of that. He's very excited about the things he's excited about and he doesn't let other people influence that. I think that honesty to ones self kind of draws people into him. But at the same time, he's a very open person, he's a very caring person, and someone that I think you can definitely trust and it's not like you ever doubt it. He's gonna be there if you call him because Simon's proven himself to be that guy that if you call him he's gonna be there. He reminds me a lot of my best friend James, and my best friend James is like that, if you need him he will go through hell and high water to get there for you, and I think that's really something that people are drawn to."

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