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There used to be a time when was considered to be a legitimate competitor and rival to the animation box-office juggernaut that is Pixar, but some feel that time has passed. However, the studio is still capable of surprising audiences and mathematicians, perhaps most notably with success of The Boss Baby, an featuring as a baby that has the mind of an adult. And just like almost every financially successful animated movie to hit cinemas, The Boss Baby will be getting a sequel.

Warning: This article contains spoilers for 'The Boss Baby'

Baby's Coming Back

As reported by The Hollywood Reporter, a sequel to The Boss Baby has been confirmed for a 2021 release date by DreamWorks Animation. Alec Baldwin will reprise his role as Theodore, the titular bossy infant, but there is currently no word if any of the other voice talents will return for the sequel.

From a financial standpoint, The Boss Baby was more of a sleeper hit than a blockbuster smash. The movie about the power-hungry toddler and countless fart jokes only earned $167 million domestically, but it collected a whopping $301 million from international ticket sales, making it a lucrative investment.

'The Boss Baby' [Credit: DreamWorks Animation]
'The Boss Baby' [Credit: DreamWorks Animation]

While the movie's earnings may justify a sequel, the plot of The Boss Baby seemingly tied up any potential loose ends. The movie ended with Theodore (voiced by Alec Baldwin) giving up the special formula that keeps his adult-level intellect intact, choosing instead to be a regular baby who would be raised by the Templetons. That, and the revelation that everything that happened in the movie was just the product of Tim's (voiced by Miles Bakshi) overactive imagination. Tim is already an adult by the end of the movie, and it's revealed that the narration heard throughout the movie was him telling his daughter a story about what it was like to have a baby sibling.

There are currently no plot details about The Boss Baby 2, but it will be interesting to see how the sequel will pick up after the events of a story that's already finished. Given the loose grip on reality that The Boss Baby has, anything is possible.

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