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When the acclaimed director of the beautiful but sad Amores Perros, Babel and Biutiful -- -- makes his first straight up comedy, of course, Hollywood’s finest thesps stand in line to star in it.

And, oh my, does the movie sound good and, oh my, are those thesps fine.

According to The Hollywood Reporter, (Batman), (The Amazing Spider-Man), (The Impossible) and (The Hangover) will star in Birdman.

The dark comedy centers on a washed up actor (Keaton), who once starred as an iconic superhero (presumably called Birdman). To regain his former glory, the has-been agrees to play a supporting role in a Broadway play, based on a Raymond Carver short story. In the three days leading up to the premiere everything that can go wrong, goes wrong, with the egotistical leading man of the play being a special pain in the ass.

stars as the protagonist's daughter, with playing a fellow actress and the play’s conniving producer.

To see in a leading role again, directed by a filmmaker as great as Inarritu, must be considered extra-fantastic news, especially in a poignant role like this. After all, Keaton never managed to reach his Batman career heights (not that he seemed to give a damn).

With a world-class director and an eclectically wonderful cast, this Birdman just flew on our radar as one of the most anticipated movies of 2014!


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