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If you're in need of some cheering up today, try to watch recite the lyrics to Desiigner's "Panda" without smiling. It is virtually impossible.

During an episode of , the show that makes you feel ridiculously smart when you know the answer to something, the aptly titled category "Let's Rap, Kids!" appeared on the iconic board. Being the consummate professional that he is, Trebek proceeded to recite the lyrics as straight-faced as he could and it is spectacular.

Watch Trebek Rap A Cappella

The Category Answers

As the internet does, some creative mind named tole_cover saw the video and decided it would be prudent to cut together the lyrics recited by Trebek to each respective song. The results are editing perfection and suggest future career prospects if Trebek ever decides to quit his job of 33 years.

Twitter Presents Rapper Trebek In His Full Glory

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What makes the edit genius is the timing of the lyrics correspond beautifully with the instrumental of the song. Rather than simply overlaying Trebek's recitation on the track, tole_cover meticulously edited it so the rhythm of the host's pronunciations are somewhat equal to how the original rapper spit the lines.

'Saturday Night Live' [Credit: NBC]
'Saturday Night Live' [Credit: NBC]

Now if we could just get Trebek to have a dance off against the rest of today's game show hosts we could die happy.

Which rap should Trebek rock next? Let me know in the comments below.


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