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That special, spooky time of year is creeping up on us quickly. The internet is flooded with pictures of Halloween decorations, costume ideas, and memes in preparation for the spookiest (and best) day of the year. While most of the younger crowd is excited for candy and trick or treating, a lot of older Halloween enthusiasts are getting ready for parties and the more artistic side of the holiday - and what better decorations can any Halloween party have aside from some killer jack-o-lanterns?

2017 is definitely not a disappointment as there are already quite a few examples of crazy good carvings and sculptures floating around social media. While most carvings usually leave a lot more to be desired, some artists like Alex Wer (a.k.a. ThePumpkinGeek) take pumpkin carvings to the next level.

The award-winning artist took to Instagram to share his versions of pumpkin carvings and it definitely strikes a chord for enthusiasts. With carvings representing movies and shows like The Walking Dead, Pennywise the Clown, Michael Myers, and Frankenstein, they'd definitely be an awesome addition to any Halloween party. Or, you know, you could just keep up year-round.

Check out some of Wer's awesome horror-themed carvings:

If horror-themed carvings aren't for you and you're more into and , Wer also has some pretty spot-on pop culture carvings, as well.

Have you already carved a pumpkin for Halloween? If so, share them in the comments!

[Source: LAD Bible]


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