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Since the entire world is suffering from a case of fever right now, with clown phobia at its peak. Add in the clown-heavy premiere of and viral campaigns of random red balloons popping up attached to sewer grates, and it would seem that we all might need a good laugh right now that's not triggered by someone with a painted face and big, red nose.

This is when we all need to be thankful for all of those famous families who have siblings. At the It premiere yesterday, Pennywise himself, Bill Skarsgård, brought a special guest with him: Hollywood superstar (and big brother) Alexander Skarsgård. While it might have seemed like an innocent family outing at first, it quickly turned into yet another example of siblings doing what they do best.

While Bill was walking the carpet and posing for photos, his big brother quickly started sneaking up behind him and photobombing several of his attempts at getting some serious shots. Not only that, he threw in some scare attempts as well. Not only did Alexander win the night with the premiere attendees, he's managed to crack up the Twitter masses too.

Seriously, what would be do without siblings to support us on our big days? You have to admit, Bill probably knew what he was getting himself into bringing big bro as his date to the event. The best part is Bill's poor attempt to maintain a straight face throughout the photo shoot.

If you're brave enough to float, check out Bill Skarsgård as the utterly terrifying Pennywise the Clown with It, in theaters this weekend. You might want to bookmark these just in case you can't sleep after all of the madness.

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