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Twilight movie fans who haven't read the books know nothing of Alice Cullen's past. They only see her as a cheerful, caring vampire with an eye for fashion and visions of the future. With a charming personality and wicked fighting skills, she fits right in with the Cullen clan, but there's so much more to Jasper Hale's wife than the image she presents onscreen — more that viewers should see. Alice Cullen, born Mary Alice Brandon, has a rich backstory that begs to be unveiled on the big screen.

With a dark and foreboding plot, the addendum to the would unravel the details of Alice's tragic childhood and a life that could have had a tragic ending were it not for the vampire who saved her. Who wouldn't want to see a movie that could bring all of this to life?

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Alice's Childhood

Though Alice (portrayed by ) was born in 1901 in Biloxi, Mississippi, her real story started to unfold when she began having premonitions as a child. Violent storms swept the city in the early 1900s, and one can only imagine how Alice might have tried to warn her friends and family about the dangers of the coming hurricanes.

As told in the books, Alice was branded a witch and a changeling as she grew into her adolescent years because of her predictions that came true. In the early twentieth century, people still held onto their age-old beliefs of what was different could not be accepted.

The Murder Of Her Mother

Alice foresaw her mother's murder and warned her mother of the pending danger. Still, Alice couldn't stop the inevitable, and no one would listen to her when she tried to convince them it was murder. Imagine the desperation of a young girl trying to convince her father to believe her.

Alice's father remarried soon after the death of her mother. Soon after, Alice had a vision of her father and her mother's killer — who were one and the same. Once her father realized that Alice knew the truth, he turned against her, and Alice ran to keep from being killed herself.

The Asylum And Her Rebirth As A Vampire

Alice's father convinced the townspeople that his daughter had gone crazy. Alice was trapped in a mental hospital where she was subjected to electroshock therapy that erased her memory, which may have been a blessing in her case.

While there, Alice is befriended by a vampire. When she has a vision that she's being hunted by James — viewers will recognize him from the first Twilight movie as the vampire who wanted to kill — she and her friend plan to escape. But Alice still foresees her death. The only way to save her is to turn her into a vampire. And so Alice's new life begins.

Her Happily Ever After

Shortly after Alice became a vampire, she had a vision of Jasper Whitlock (who later changes his name to Hale), and in 1948, she awaits for him to arrive at a diner in Pennsylvania because she knows he is her soulmate.

Even knowing the basic facts of Alice's past, it's easy to see why her story should be brought to more than just the pages of a book. It's a raw, vibrant past with treachery, tragedy, and triumph, and the visuals would be riveting — and well worth the price of a movie ticket.

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