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Nothing quite says "I'm standing up for animal rights" like whipping your clothes off and posing completely stark naked, so it's lucky that this is exactly what has gone for in a new ad campaign featuring alum, Alicia Silverstone.

That's nothing new though; the US-based organization is notoriously controversial and frequently X-rated in its ad campaigns. And they have to be, because — let's be real — far fewer people would read up on the layers of cruelty woven into their Christmas knitwear had Alicia Silverstone's butt-naked bod not instructed them to do so.

Here's the ad:

[Credit: PETA]
[Credit: PETA]

In an accompanying video, long-term PETA advocate Alicia describes that — when it comes harvesting sheep skin — the wool has literally been pulled over our eyes:

"Wool in general has not been thought about,. The biggest thing people say to me is, 'Oh, but they just shear the sheep, they don't kill the sheep.' It's not like that, it's on the slaughterhouse floor where there's a conveyor belt and it's just so fast, the shearing process, that they get cut, they get harmed, and they're seriously wounded and there's no care for them when they're wounded. … To the people who are doing this, [sheep] are just objects."

See also:

Warning: The footage gets pretty graphic.

Silverstone also suggests you boycott wool from now on and opt for vegan-friendly fabrics instead.

What do you think of PETA's ad tactics?


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