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Is there any of left to see? With the marketing in full swing ahead of the film's May 19 release, promo after promo has taken us into the belly of the beast. promises that his next installment will tie closer to the roots of the franchise and also his original Alien in 1979.

The latest addition to the "cast" certainly harks back to the , but sadly, no, it isn't Jones the cat. The clip from Covenant showcases the ship's A.I. system, otherwise known as MU-TH-UR. You may remember that the Weyland-Yutani vessel the Nostromo was piloted by MUTHUR, who caused no end of problems for 's Ellen Ripley.

The MUTHUR Of All Problems

'Alien' [Credit: 20th Century Fox]
'Alien' [Credit: 20th Century Fox]

The featurette contains only 's Daniels and 's Tennessee, which further pitches these two as the main players of the alien hunt. While this MUTHUR seems slightly less hostile in her tone than the original computer, does anyone else detect that it sounds a little like Sigourney? It's a long shot, but could Scott have squeezed in a vocal cameo for the Hollywood superstar?

Elsewhere in the clip we get a closer look at the interior of the doomed Covenant ship, as well as some new dialogue between Daniels and Tennessee. However, it isn't all card games and using MUTHUR as your own personal Alexa, we also get a good dollop of alien action too. The clip ends with a glimpse of some sort of morph (possibly Xeno or Proto) lurking above Daniels. Replicating the terrifying duct scene from Alien, or possibly a nod to the marines being stalked from above in Aliens, MUTHUR's creepy uttering of "four meters above you" is the most haunting part of the promo.

Back To The Start

MUTHUR from Alien was a bit of a homicidal bitch, to be honest, teaming up with the nefarious android Ash to enact Special Order 937. This meant the safe transportation of the Xeno back to Weyland-Yutani and placing the lil' chestburster's life above the rest of the crew. Safe to say Ripley wasn't overly impressed by this and soon set about blowing MUTHUR into a million pixels.

We already knew that MUTHUR would probably play a part in Scott's sequel to Prometheus from 2012, mainly thanks to viral website Here users can input data into the iconic computer and use the original interface from Alien. With Easter Eggs galore, check it out before the film hits cinemas.

Only time will tell if this new version of MUTHUR (well, old, technically) is another crazy chunk of tech or whether she will be here to help our final girl Daniels. God knows we love a good evil computer though and compared to the likes of Hal 9000 from 2001: A Space Odyssey, MUTHUR was actually quite nice to the crew of the Nostromo — let's see if her part in Covenant can change that!

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