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It's no secret that Alien: Covenant includes the franchise's first official gay couple. This detail was revealed in a prologue video, The Last Supper, which showed Covenant's crew enjoying one last celebration together before nodding off into a years-long sleep. Amongst the couples was Hallet (Nathaniel Dean) and his husband, Lope (Demián Bichir). The two could be seen playfully kissing after an arm-wrestling match, much to the amusement of Tennessee.

The news of a slightly more progressive dynamic in the upcoming horror film was met with a mixture of both approval and hesitation from fans. Gay characters in horror films often don't have the best survival chances, and are regularly killed off quite early. How would handle both the representation and narrative for these gay characters?

Blink And You'll Miss It: That Gay Moment In 'Alien: Covenant'

‘Alien: Covenant’ [Credit: 20th Century Fox]
‘Alien: Covenant’ [Credit: 20th Century Fox]

Warning: Spoilers ahead for Alien: Covenant

Despite what was shown in the prologue video, there's little in the actual movie to suggest that Hallet and Lope are together. In fact, it isn't until Hallet dies after violently birthing a Neomorph that we see an intimate moment between him (well, his body) and his husband.

In the aftermath of losing a handful of their team, the Covenant crew are understandably in shock. Their ship is still burning in the background, the captain is stunned after seeing his wife burned alive, and god-knows-what is lurking in the shadows.

Given this chaos, you'd be forgiven for missing a vital scene involving Lope and Hallet. Lope is crouched over his husband's body, caressing his hand (see the wedding ring?) and murmuring to him. At one point, he calls Hallet "my love."

Tragically, Lope later suffers the same fate, the bloodied remnants of his body discovered in the med bay back on board the ship. I guess that's kind of romantic?

Was The Scene Too Subtle?

Given the hype leading up to Alien: Covenant, you'd be forgiven for thinking the few seconds dedicated to Lope and Hallet's relationship were a little lacking. Is it possible that Ridley Scott was hoping his less open-minded fans just wouldn't notice it?

On the other hand, perhaps he considered if a simple but perfect way to clarify Lope and Hallet's sexuality and relationship. There's a fine line between positive representation and tokenism. But will Alien: Covenant's LGBT audience react positively to their portrayal?

As for their lifespan — well, almost everyone dies on the ship, except for heroine Daniels and Tennessee, so it's not too surprising that these two minor characters didn't outlast their fellow crew members. At least Lope managed to make it back to the ship!


What did you think of the gay scene in 'Alien: Covenant'?


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