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After a few missteps, 20th Century Fox is trying to get the franchise back on track. The studio began the revitalizing effort with Prometheus, and it's continuing it with Alien: Covenant. One way in which this new slate of movies is going back to the franchise's roots is through its horror elements.

So far, the clips that we've gotten have been enigmatic, ominous and fairly uneventful. But said teases are heightened by us being aware of the chaos that will eventually be brought upon our new group of characters.

Now, Fox has given us a new taste of just how disastrous their sealed fates will get. As we know, is rated R, and the film is taking full advantage of that, proved by a new red band clip released by the 20th Century Fox UK YouTube channel.

Taking The Franchise Back To Its Horror Roots

[Credit: 20th Century Fox]
[Credit: 20th Century Fox]

The scene is an extended version of the horrifying Alien birth we got a glimpse of in the first trailer. It's extremely short, lasting a mere 30 seconds, but fans craving something more soul-scarring from the promotional material will be pleased to know it shows us just how disturbing and stomach-churning our latest ride around the Alien universe will be:

We see Amy Seimetz's Faris running around the Covenant, following a bloody footstep trail. She arrives at the med bay, where Carmen Ejogo's Karine Oram begs to be let out. Why? Because she is trapped with another crew member infected with a violent Xenomorph.

Unfortunately for our new biologist, Amy gets scared at the sight of an alien bursting out of her friend and runs away. Just as the alien is about to come out, the clip abruptly comes to an end. In true Alien fashion, the alien itself was never shown, but that's promising. We know the creature will be there, but not allowing us to see it come out - even if it's just in the promotional clip - creates a great deal of tension.

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Something that stood out for me is the direction in which the Xenomorph is trying to exit the man's body. In past films, they've been depicted as leaping out from the chest, but from what we can see here, the thing is trying to exit through the back. It's ultimately nothing important, but noteworthy, nonetheless.

Alien: Covenant gets more exciting with every new tease. This installment seems to be a new barrier-breaker when it comes to fandoms, in that it could attract audiences that may not be fans of the genre simply because of its goosebumps-inducing elements. So I can't wait to see what it brings to the large tables of the science fiction and horror genres.

The film will fly into theaters on May 19. 2017.


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