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"At least we can all agree that the third one is always the worst."

Those are the immortal words of Jean Grey in a hilariously on-the-nose scene from X-Men: Apocalypse, spoken about Return Of The Jedi. Considering the next X-Men film is set in the '90s, Jean might also have something to say about Alien³, but Ridley Scott will be hoping to buck the third-is-the-worst trend when Alien: Covenant gets a sequel, as the somewhat confusing Alien prequel trilogy marches defiantly on.

And despite the fact that hasn't even hit theaters and caused another outbreak of wild rage among the loyal and intensely flammable Alien fanbase yet, that sequel will be happening quicker than you can yell "would you just make Alien 5 with Ripley already?!"

After visiting the set of Covenant and speaking to Scott, the Sydney Morning Herald shed some light on when we can expect the second movie in the sequels-to-the-prequel trilogy:

"While working on Alien: Covenant, he had the next instalment written so he is ready to keep advancing the saga. 'You’ve got to assume to a certain extent success and from that, you’d better be ready. You don’t want a two-year gap. So I’ll be ready to go again next year'."

More Alien:

Both of these people are going to die. [Credit: Fox]
Both of these people are going to die. [Credit: Fox]

At this point I'd put good money on Covenant being a decent box office success, so it's nice to know we won't be waiting another five years. In a quote that sounds ominously threatening, Scott also teased the franchise's long-term future:

"If you really want a franchise, I can keep cranking it for another six. I’m not going to close it down again. No way."

For clarity, Scott regards Covenant as the first movie in a new trilogy leading up to Alien. You might ask "so what the hell was Prometheus?" to which the answer is always "girl, don't even go there." His ambition with the new prequel trilogy is to reveal "who designed [alien life] and for what reason".

While that could easily be sorted out in just one more movie, who am I to deny Ridley Scott's dream? He made this world. He's the ultimate Engineer. We're just the mortals who keep having the shit scared out of us by aliens. Alien: Covenant hits May 19.

Are you down for two more prequel-sequels, or should Scott just get around to making Alien 5 already?

'Aliens' [Credit: Fox]
'Aliens' [Credit: Fox]

(Source: Herald)


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