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Russ Fischer

Is it a sequel to Prometheus or a prequel to Alien? When the film in question is Ridley Scott's Alien: Covenant, it's both. This movie is linked to the Alien series Scott created with far more than just a few strands of Alien DNA.

Alien: Covenant looks like a no-holds-barred movie in the pure Alien mode, with a hapless spaceship crew, a cool and vigilant android, and even its own brand new Ripley type, played by Katherine Waterston (Inherent Vice).

The first full trailer has arrived, and it sells a visceral and very violent horror movie. Check it out:

At Fox's recent 2017 showcase event, the studio showed off a much longer version of the sequence that opens this trailer, and it is just as itense and goopy as this trailer suggests. Granted, there's also the suggestion in footage Fox showed during that event that the crew has over-corrected the mistakes of Prometheus by veering deep into a zone that fans will be very familiar with. We'll see how that works out.

Michael Fassbender plays dual roles in the film, reprising the part of David from Prometheus, and playing a new character as well, with Danny McBride (Eastbound & Down), Demián Bichir (The Hateful Eight), Jussie Smolett (Empire), Amy Seimetz (Upstream Color), Carmen Ejogo (Selma), Callie Hernandez (Machete Kills), and Billy Crudup (Watchmen) playing supporting roles and likely an appearance from Noomi Rapace as Dr. Elizabeth Shaw from Prometheus.

Alien: Covenant, originally scheduled for release in August 2017, will now make landing on May 19, 2017.


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