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The live-acton comic book market has been dominated my male superheroes for decades. In fact, only three female-led superhero movies have hit the big screen in the past 40 years. Fortunately, that dry streak changed with 's Wonder Woman, a film that has been celebrated for bringing one of comic books' greatest female superheroes to theaters in spectacular fashion. 75 years after the character's creation, Wonder Woman finally got her chance at the spotlight, and Gal Gadot has seized the opportunity in a way that has been an overwhelming experience for some.

In fact, there was one actress in particular who was deeply moved by the solo adventure - Alison Brie of Mad Men and Community fame.

'Wonder Woman' And The Feminist Cause:

While promoting her new Netflix original series, , the actress sat down for an interview with Marie Claire. There, Brie talked about watching Wonder Woman for the first time and elaborated on the incredible experience. The movie was particularly important for Brie, who feels that the movie is pivotal to the modern feminist cause.

"My mindset was, I want to support female directors and superheroes, and this film is very important to the feminist cause right now."

Little did Brie know that watching the film would trigger an unexpected (but pretty awesome) emotional response from her. However, Brie isn't the only one. was an impactful experience for a lot of women, and has been critically acclaimed for its positive representation of women. In fact, reports recently came out about many women crying in theaters while watching the film - including GLOW's Alison Brie. Her emotional response even led to some interesting physical interactions with .

"I totally did. I left the theater wielding a fake sword and jumping around, stabbing my husband, like 'You have to DIE! Because of…love.'"

As any comic book fan will tell you, a Wonder Woman movie was long overdue and this type of reaction proves the impact has on people. Patty Jenkins's Wonder Woman was something truly special because it perfectly translated what its titular heroine was all about. The story shattered stereotypes of gender playing a part in someone's ability to accomplish great things, and will be celebrated for years to come.

The 's latest installment has been breaking all sorts of records since its release, even becoming the highest grossing movie of all time with a female director at the helm. Hopefully Diana Prince just opened the doors for more female-led superhero adventures, because the movie-going audience is more than ready for these stories to be told.

What do you think about Alison Brie's emotional response to Wonder Woman? Did you cry while watching this incredible movie? Let me know in the comments!

(Source: Marie Claire)


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