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Now, with not set to hit theaters until July 2018, it's perhaps understandable that few of us are visibly obsessing over the movie. After all, there're a whole lot of exciting sci-fi projects heading our way in the meantime, and we only have so much emotional storage space for pop cultural obsessions.

Since the film is being written and produced by professional sci-fi monetizer , however — not to mention being directed by geek icon — it's worth considering the possibility that a mild obsession wouldn't go amiss right about now. That, of course, is made all the more true by the presence in the cast of some ridiculously talented actors, including the currently Oscar-nominated , and the Oscar-winning and . For those of us who also enjoy explosions alongside our accomplished acting performances, though, it seems the movie has been hiding an ace up its sleeve. Y'see, as it turns out:

'Alita: Battle Angel' Secretly Added Michelle Rodriguez To Its Cast

'Fast and Furious 6' [Credit: Universal]
'Fast and Furious 6' [Credit: Universal]

That's right. franchise star (and legitimate action movie legend at this point) will also be appearing in Alita: Battle Angel, playing the cyborg warrior Gelda. Which, notably, wasn't revealed during or before the film's recently wrapped primary production phase.

In other words? There're two pieces of good news here: 1) Michelle Rodriguez will be playing a bad-ass cyborg warrior in Alita: Battle Angel, which is obviously a good thing, and 2) if the production was able to keep Rodriguez's involvement in the movie a secret for so long, there's every possibility that there are some other secret stars hiding in there somewhere. Which is nice.

What do you think, though? Are you excited by the prospect of watching a cyborg Michelle Rodriguez kick the snot out of some folks? Let us know below!

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