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Spoilers for The Walking Dead Season 7 and comic books follow!

The Walking Dead is only two episodes into its seventh season, and just from what we've seen so far, it's going to be more massive in scale than any previous season by featuring several major events depicted in The Walking Dead comics.

Until now, The Walking Dead television series has been in no way a direct adaptation of the graphic novels, despite many similar events. But it's looking like the show is becoming more loyal to the source material.

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During the Season 7 premiere, Rick's group of survivors lost two central members: Abraham and Glenn. In comparison to the comics, Abraham was already dead by the time Negan first approached Rick's group; Glenn, on the other hand, was not. And his death occurred in the Season 7 premiere of The Walking Dead just as it did in the comics:

Walking Dead Comics, Issue #100.
Walking Dead Comics, Issue #100.

It shouldn't be too much longer now for Rick's group to gather up the courage to revolt against Negan's rule — it's definitely something Season 7 is going to build towards. And when it does, we know how it'll likely go down.

The 'All Out War' Event Depicted Negan's Downfall

In the comics, once Negan established his dominance over Alexandria, the Hilltop and the Kingdom, the three communities united to put an end to Negan's reign in a battle called the "All Out War." And since Negan just basically took dominion over Alexandria, it wouldn't be a surprise for the newly introduced Kingdom to be affected in a similar manner. We already know that the Hilltop Colony is currently under Negan's rule, along with Ezekiel's Kingdom paying tribute — so it's only a matter of time before the three survivors communities unite to end Negan's dictatorship.

King Ezekiel and Shiva, Walking Dead Season 7
King Ezekiel and Shiva, Walking Dead Season 7

It'll probably be Ezekiel who plays a pivotal role in the dissolution of Negan's dictatorship. He was one of the first to join Rick's group on their mission to eliminate Negan, and provided the information necessary to take Negan down.

Rick's Army in the "All Out War" comic event.
Rick's Army in the "All Out War" comic event.

Of course, we shouldn't expect Negan to be imprisoned in Alexandria just yet, especially so soon after being introduced to the hit zombie series.

Will Negan Meet A Similar Fate On The TV Series?

The "All Out War" event will likely take place sometime either before or after the Season 7 mid-season episodes. So in the meantime, we can expect Negan to exhibit more of his villainous ways with Rick's group and the Kingdom.

Regardless of when Negan gets imprisoned in Alexandria, it's almost guaranteed to take place at some point, especially after Season 6 briefly showed Morgan preparing a jail cell within Alexandria. In the comics, Alexandria's jail cell is infamously known for housing Negan for quite some time after Negan was captured by the army consisting of the Hilltop, Alexandria and the Kingdom.

More importantly, the events leading up to Negan's incarceration are going to be the most interesting considering that several key moments will need to take place before Negan is captured, and it'll be those events that alter the dynamic of several characters who currently reside on The Walking Dead television series. One in particular will have a central role in Negan's downfall: Dwight.

Dwight Betrayed Negan, But He's Been So Loyal?

Yes, you heard correctly: Dwight. In the comics, Dwight was one of the Saviors who decided to betray Negan at an unpredictable moment in the "All Out War" event, and it was Dwight's betrayal that ultimately led to Negan being caught by Rick and the army.

Dwight, Walking Dead Comics.
Dwight, Walking Dead Comics.

While Dwight has appeared to be a loyal follower to Negan on the show, he may not be as bad as it seems. Dwight did kill Denise and shot Daryl at point-blank range — but what if he had no choice in the matter? Just look at how Negan has dominion over the Saviors; Negan expects the Saviors to jump when he says so and they do. It's possible that Dwight is feigning loyalty to Negan in order to get as close as possible, biding his time as a loyal grunt until the moment he can turn Negan's empire to ashes

Yes, it could be the brash Dwight who saves the day in the end.

In the comics, Dwight inadvertently saved Rick, Carl and Denise's life by shooting a group of Saviors who were throwing grenades over Alexandria's walls during the "All Out War." Had Dwight not killed the grenade-tossing Saviors, they would have thrown one directly at Rick and Carl, which would have killed them as a result. It may seem like a stretch as of now, but the same could very likely take place on the Walking Dead television series sometime during Season 7.

Carl, Rick, and Denise run from grenades thrown by the Saviors. Walking Dead Comics "All Out War" event.
Carl, Rick, and Denise run from grenades thrown by the Saviors. Walking Dead Comics "All Out War" event.

What do you think? Are you ready for the "All Out War" to take place on The Walking Dead? Or is it too soon for Negan to be imprisoned in Alexandria? Leave your thoughts in the comments section below.

The Walking Dead airs Sundays at 9PM on AMC.


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