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It’s no secret that Poison Ivy is one of the most fascinating ladies in comics — so it comes as no surprise that several A-list actresses have expressed interest in bringing her to life on the big screen in the 's upcoming Gotham City Sirens. Currently on a fast-track to production, the movie will center the female-led team comprised of Ivy, , and .

We already know that Margot Robbie will return as Harley, but rumors surrounding the other two Sirens continue to blossom. While we impatiently wait for casting to be revealed, let's take a look at the speculation and who might actually have a chance at playing the Green Goddess.

Megan Fox

'Jennifer's Body' [Credit: 20th Century Fox]
'Jennifer's Body' [Credit: 20th Century Fox]

Megan Fox entered the rumor mill almost immediately after the movie's announcement. A report courtesy of Bleeding Cool revealed she had ordered specific Harley Quinn comics that focus on her adventures with Ivy. And not to mention, the issues were delivered to her Warner Studios address — coincidence? Fox expressed interest in playing the character back in 2014, so it's not surprising that she would vie for the opportunity.

Nothing has been confirmed or denied since the aforementioned report. But whether you think Fox is the right fit for Ivy or not, there's no doubt that she could channel her distinctive, sultry nature as seen in Jennifer's Body and Transformers.

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Stephanie Corneliussen

'Mr. Robot' [Credit: USA Network]
'Mr. Robot' [Credit: USA Network]

Not long ago, the Mr. Robot regular took to Twitter to let us know that she's definitely open to the Gotham City Sirens role:

Personally, Stephanie Corneliussen is my top choice for Ivy. Based on her tweets above, it's clear that she already has a great deal of knowledge about the character. Her recognition of Ivy's bisexuality is important; it shows that she cares about representation as well as staying true to character.

As displayed in Mr. Robot and DC's Legends of Tomorrow, Corneliussen is no stranger to depicting women of power, which is exactly what Ivy embodies. If you combine that with her intelligence and gorgeous looks, it's almost as if she was destined for this role.

Jessica Chastain

'Miss Sloane' [Credit: EuropaCorp]
'Miss Sloane' [Credit: EuropaCorp]

Jessica Chastain has become a notable actress over the years, but has not yet dived into the world of comic book adaptations. Her scarlet hair has automatically made her a dream casting among many fans, though it obviously takes a lot more than that to be the right fit for Ivy. From Interstellar to Crimson Peak, Chastain has proved that she can succeed in many diverse roles.

In an interview with CinemaBlend, it looks like she would be down to take on the Siren as long as it meets her requirements:

I'm interested in all things where the characters are strong and dynamic, and not stereotypes or objects. I like female characters that are subjects, not objects. And so, if Poison Ivy happens to be that, sure. Throw my hat in the ring.

Due to the fact that Ivy is a fearless and empowering female character with vast complexities, it's tough to imagine that Chastain would refuse, if offered the part.

Bryce Dallas Howard

'Jurassic World' [Credit: Universal Pictures]
'Jurassic World' [Credit: Universal Pictures]

Bryce Dallas Howard has given us the impression that she wouldn't mind playing Ivy in her second live-action appearance. When a fan asked her about the role on Twitter, this is what she had to say:

With the acknowledgement of the Screen Rant article, Howard's playful response rapidly turned into a cryptic one. Superhero films certainly aren't foreign to her, as she brought Gwen Stacy to life in Spider-Man 3. It's tough to decide if we should read anything into her tweets. Probably not, and only time will tell if she gets to star as the plant-loving femme fatale.

Gotham City Sirens is the perfect chance to redeem in live-action and give her the depth she deserves. And with lots talented actresses interested in the part, Ivy may finally get the big-screen adaptation she deserves.


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