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Fox's new drama for its fall lineup, Almost Human, marks a departure from its usual comedy-heavy schedule. The sci-fi cop drama seems to be the network's olive branch to fans after cancelling Fringe back in January. To get you acquainted with what could become your Fringe replacement (if there is such a thing), check out the synopsis, trailer and photos we've got for you.

Fringe fans should get excited: Almost Human reunites the team behind the painfully short-lived sci fi show back together, pairing J.J.Abrams with Fringe writer and creator , who's helping Abrams executive produce. It's also Christmas come early for Star Trek Into Darkness fans since the cop drama will reunite with his Star Trek star, Dr. McCoy, .

So far, so tantalising? Check out our paraphrase of the synopsis:

Almost Human is set 35 years in the future, when police offers are forced to buddy up with human-like androids to solve crimes. After surviving one of the most brutal attacks ever made against the police department, John Kennex (Urban) sinks into a coma. He wakes up to find he's lost everything: his partner has died, his girlfriend has left him and he's lost a leg. Kennex is paired up with Dorian (), a 'flawed' android who is able to feel emotion, and the duo start to become friends. Kennex and Dorian must team up to solve crimes, but also to get behind the mystery of who attacked the police department...

Judging from this set of photos, I can already see the beginnings of an unsettling dynamic between John Kennex and his defective android, Dorian. In the still where they're staring at each other, it's John's face, not Dorian's, that looks robotically emotionless and presumably this suggests the blurred line between human and machine the show aims to explore. I'm not so sure about John's gun, though - I've packed tougher looking firearms at my local Laser Quest. What do you think? Check out the pics and let me know in the comments below.

If you like the pics, you'll love the trailer. Check it out below:


The Almost Human execs have cast a whole host of talented thesps to support the sci-fi drama: the cast includes (The Office, Pirates of the Caribbean) who stars as technician Rudy Lom, while (Six Feet Under, Ransom) plays Kennex's tough-but-encouraging police chief.

With its Blade Runner-esque premise, I think Fox could have the makings of a sci-fi cult classic on their hands. What do you think? Will Almost Human be as popular as I think it will? Let me know in the comments below.

Almost Human will run on Fox on Mondays at 8pm this Fall.


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