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Charmed left the air a little over 10 years ago, but that doesn't mean fans have forgotten the series. Thanks to streaming services like , we can continue to get our weekly (or daily) fix of the three Wiccan sisters and their not-so-charmed lives.

With the show on the air for eight years, it's no wonder that we got attached to the sisters. fans could never forget the bubbly, outgoing younger sister, Phoebe Halliwell, played by . She brought the little extra spark to the series, and since Alyssa Milano's birthday is December 19th, it's the perfect time to relive some of her emotional moments.

1. When She Discovered The Book Of Shadows

The Halliwell sisters had Phoebe to thank for finding the Book of Shadows and discovering they were descended from a long line of witches. Phoebe's incessant nosiness and need for adventure drew her to the attic of her grandmother's house and into destiny.

Phoebe Halliwell's excitement and belief in the supernatural made viewers believe it was possible as well. She didn't question whether she really was a witch, and because of that, Alyssa Milano made us all wish we were one of the sisters.

2. When She Died A Fiery Death In The Future

Phoebe's premonition of her future death in Season 2 is just the beginning of this potent episode. On a quest to prevent the execution, Phoebe and her sisters travel to the future, and Alyssa Milano is given a chance to shine.

As a killer waiting to be executed, Phoebe presents the picture-perfect image of a woman torn between what she's done and the consequences that she must face. Viewers get a full view of Phoebe's future powers and just how dangerous she has become 10 years down the road.

Milano calls on a wellspring of emotions for this episode, and she nails each one. And viewers knew she would only get better from here.

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3. When She Fell In Love With A Demon

Technically, Phoebe fell in love with Cole Turner, a man she thought was human. However, her knowledge of his demonic side didn't change her feelings. Through seasons 3 and 4, Phoebe's love for Cole electrified our television screens. Whether they were loving or fighting, this couple had palpable chemistry, and Milano knew how to play it to its full potential.

Season 4 brought their relationship to a stunning conclusion, and Milano portrayed a grieving wife as though she'd really lived the experience. As she wept, viewers wept along with her.

4. When She Became A Mermaid Out Of Grief

After losing Cole, Phoebe didn't want to return to her former life. In the Season 5 episodes, "A Witch's Tail I & II," she becomes a mermaid, seemingly content to live her life underwater...until the true reason for her decision is brought to light: She's suffering the loss of her husband and the life she thought she'd have.

Milano captures the essence of a woman who doesn't know where her life should go. Torn between her sisters and the blissful solitude of the water, Phoebe's childlike demeanor at times fits perfectly within the episode. It's another opportunity for Milano to show just how good of an actress she is.

5. When She Discovers Chris Is Piper's And Leo's Son

Phoebe's early discovery of Chris's lineage adds an element of comedy to Season 6 as she and her sister, Paige, seek to assist in the conception. With Piper and Leo on the outs, Phoebe and Paige are on a mission to unite the couple long enough to ensure their nephew is born.

Milano's scenes during Season 6 are some of the funniest, especially when working alongside Drew Fuller (Chris). Milano really upped her game when playing the aunt who's exasperated with her nephew. Her comedic timing was spot-on, thereby proving Milano could read from the dictionary and still draw an audience.

There was simply no other actress who could have played Phoebe Halliwell to such perfection. Every day new viewers are discovering the magic of Charmed, and Alyssa Milano is one of the reasons they keep watching.

What is your favorite Phoebe Halliwell moment?


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