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It's not often that we get to peek at a recent picture of Amanda Bynes; over the last few years, sighting the infamous actress-cum-fashion student in the wild has been a rare (but always wonderful) treat. And that's what makes the below post such a joyous happening.

Yesterday the Easy A star posted a snap of herself and an unknown pal posing by several huge bouquets on Twitter and, we're happy to observe, she's looking slammin'. Check it out:

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Aside from a handful of tweets sent out in February that claimed a certain social media user had hacked her Instagram account, has been noticeably absent from our Twitter feeds. The last personal pic she posted dates back to early 2016, showing off her then new 'do — a snappy blonde bob, which, if you peer closely at the shot above, she's grown out and added some sassy butt-length extensions too. Love it!

Keep your fingers crossed that Bynes is back for good this time, plz!


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