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Amanda Seyfried, who most of us remember for her start in 2004's Mean Girls, recently welcomed a beautiful baby girl into the world this past May with husband, Thomas Sadoski. The 31-year-old proud mama recently took to Twitter with something to say to all the mean girls (and boys) about one of the hotly debated aspects of motherhood: breastfeeding

She later clarified with a quote from journalist/author Maureen Shaw about the dual role of breasts in today's society.

Fan reaction ranged from praise... personal stories... downright missing the point.

Good for you, Amanda. Keep trying to make breast destigmatization a thing — it will happen eventually. Amanda Seyfried currently stars in the Twin Peaks reboot and will reprise her role of Sophie in the recently announced sequel to Mamma Mia.

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(Source: Buzzfeed)


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