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Ahh the AMAs, the music awards that gave us everything from Miley Cyrus's giant lip-syncing cat to Taylor Swift setting everything, including her own hand, on fire. With such a notorious reputation for giving us a feast for the eyes and a taste for the outrageous, the Microsoft Theatre in LA became the centre of the world last night for the 44th edition of the annual music awards — and they did not disappoint.

Whether it was Selena Gomez's heartbreakingly moving acceptance speech, Green Day's political protest, Chrissy Teigen's rather revealing wardrobe malfunction or Bieber's epic performance which defied time and space, there was something for everyone at this years awards ceremony. In case you missed it, here's a rundown of all the most jaw-dropping moments from last nights AMA award ceremony.

Selena Gomez Overcame Crippling Depression To Deliver Emotional Acceptance Speech

Giving us one of the most moving, emotional and heartfelt acceptance speeches the AMAs has ever seen, courageously spoke out about her ongoing battle with depression and anxiety and thanked her fans for being 'so damn loyal.

Having to cancel her world tour in August due to her debilitating mental health issues, which in part stemmed from her also being a Lupus sufferer, Selena was visibly touched when she picked up the AMA for 'favorite rock/pop female artist,' finishing her speech with a passionate message for her fans:

Ariana Grande & Nicki Minaj Led A Giant, Grinding Conga Line

Pop queens and delighted their fans with a performance of their hit track 'Side to Side,' which included Ariana being swarmed by a mass of scantily clad backing dancers and Minaj controversially gestured towards her crotch while sat in a peacock wicker throne.

Oh, and if that wasn't enough, there was also a giant, grinding conga line.

Green Day Attacked Trump. World Gasped.

Surprising absolutely no one, Green Day made the most of their AMA performance by taking the opportunity to publicly bash Trump. Midway through their track 'Bang, Bang,' lead singer Billie Joe Armstrong led a chant of:

It's good to know that no matter how old they get, Green Day will always be fiercely anti-establishment, and reliably making the same track, over and over again.

Chrissy Teigen Bared All In Epic Wardrobe Malfunction. Thankfully, Her Legs Were Shaved.

In a dress which rivaled Angelina Jolie's notorious 2012 Oscar ensemble, , the model and wife of artist John Legend, accidentally gave the paparazzi more than just an eye full while posing on the red carpet.

In a black ensemble literally being held together by a safety pin on either side, Chrissy's dress was a high-risk hazard just begging for a cheeky malfunction.

Consequently, as she popped her leg out of one of the humongous side-slits, Chrissy flashed her entire lady garden to the red carpet photographers. You'd think that at least a discrete pair of danger-briefs would be in order for a dress that was little more than two flaps of fabric held together by a couple of stitches and a prayer.

Thankfully however, she had shaved above the knee beforehand:

Ariana Grande's Adorable Grandmother Won The AMAs, Again

It would seem that the real star of the AMAs wasn't any of the bright young things leaping around the stage, but, yet again, Ariana Grande's ninety year old grandma, Marjorie 'Nonna' Grande.

Moving us all to tears at last years award ceremony as Ariana's guest, she surprised her talented granddaughter by popping up in her dressing room just before her epic performance with Nicki Minaj. Ariana posted this photo to Instagram shortly afterwards!

Justin Bieber Performs, Even Though Thousands Of Miles Away

Defying time and space, managed to perform at the AMAs even though he was thousands of miles away on his colossal 137-date world tour in Zurich, Switzerland.

Visibly moving many of his fans to tears, Bieber sang his hit 'Let Me Love You,' a collaboration with DJ Snake, and made audiences both in Switzerland, the U.S. and the rest of the world fall in love with him, again.

Drakes 'Degrassi' Surprise

might be a megastar now, but he showed he will never forget his humble Canadian, beginnings in Degrassi, and gave a shout out for good measure. Not only that, but the world's dream boyfriend also congratulated Ndobz for all of her success before even mentioning his own win. Too cute.


Who really won the 2016 AMA's?


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