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Just when you think you have seen every piece of erotic fiction and fan art that you can from HBO's Game of Thrones, you find that you may have overlooked one amazing avenue of culture to explore. After seven years of swordplay and Starks, fans have gotten used to David Benioff and D.B. Weiss's violent take on the world of Westeros, however, what if everyone's favorite fantasy frolic was given a bloodthirsty makeover thanks to its own anime outing? With the likes of Ghost in the Shell, Naruto, and all those Studio Ghibli productions, it is amazing that no one has given Thrones the anime treatment until now.

Game Of Tones

This is the work of French animator Malec, and somehow looks even better in cartoon form. Given the way that anime has a much more violent stance on the world when it comes to swearing and nudity, it certainly seems that it would be a great fit for 's world. Who wouldn't want to see Arya take her faceless assassination to the next level with her own Kill Bill-esque interlude in cartoon form?

From flapping dragons to a windswept Jon Snow, even the White Walkers look amazing when given the soft strokes of the Japanese art form. Brienne swings Oathkeeper, Dany rides in on Drogon, and Cersei does what Cersei does best: sips some wine. Malec's opening even gets a rocking take on the theme tune that wouldn't look out of place on a any Japanese TV channel. Imagine the vibrant splashes of the Red Wedding being sprayed across our screens or dubbing The Hound saying the word "c*nt" in Japanese.

However, the best part of an anime take on Game of Thrones — apart from the lyrics “Winter hating love!” and “Sex is free!” — is that we wouldn't have to worry about that ballooning budget that HBO has to contend with. Season 7 of the show famously missed out on our favorite direwolf, Ghost, due to cost, but as an anime adventure, we could have as many direwolves as we want.

Perhaps one of the only criticisms of the live-action show is its vast differences from Martin's A Song of Ice and Fire saga. Elements like Mance Rayder glamouring his appearance and the supernatural resurrection of Lady Stoneheart have been avoided for a more practical take on the realm. However, in anime form, zombie Starks and shapeshifting wildlings would be child's play to pull off.

Thrones = good, anime = good, what else is there left to say really? Before you all start shouting "take my money!" and throwing Braavosi coins at Malec, remember that it is nothing but a pipe dream. Who knows, maybe one of those anticipated Thrones spin-offs could be anime — watch this space!

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