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Alisha Grauso

Good news for anyone who, like me, knew that Amazon's ill-advised Zombieland series was going to be somewhere in the realm of "bad" to "awful". After airing the pilot episode, Amazon has decided not to take it to series. This was a democratic decision, with Amazon having an open voting period where customers could view the pilots and then vote for which projects they wanted to see get picked up for a regular series.

The problem with the series is that it's hard to do low-budget well, at least when you're working with a small budget but pretending as if it's a television show being backed by the deep pockets of, say, HBO or AMC. Especially if you are in need of a lot of make-up and special effects, as many horror genres do. Plus, comedic timing is something not every actor or actress is gifted with, and from the looks of the trailer, well... you see what I'm talking about.

So, yes, it's hard to walk the low-budget horror-comedy fine line: Either you make do with what you have and create something that is hilarious and fantastic (the original Evil Dead trilogy, Todd & the Book of Pure Evil) or you go the other way into something that is so bad, it becomes a campy cult favorite (See: Troma films). The Zombieland series was apparently neither, and so we bid it adieu.

So what does this mean for pilot director ? Not to worry about him: The man who was the brains behind the genius Tucker & Dale Vs. Evil just had his next project, Little Evil, picked up by Universal. Craig wrote the script and is set to direct, and while not much is known about the storyline, some speculate this might be the "evil kid" tale he referenced wanting to do while he was stumping for Tucker & Dale.


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