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Comic book shows have become a major commodity across television, from CW's to Cinemax's horror series Outcast to Hulu's upcoming . But in trying to reinvent the genre, some recent adaptations have broken the mold including Amazon's The Tick and AMC's Preacher. Thanks to the success of the latter, Amazon has greenlit the latest adaptation Seth Rogen and Evan Goldberg (creators of the Preacher adaptation), and creator Eric Kripke, according to Deadline.

Created by Garth Ennis, the mind behind the comic series, The Boys follows a CIA black ops team in a world in which superheroes do exist, but have become corrupted by their fame and their connections to shady defense contractor Vought-American, which has created most of the superheroes through a drug known as Compound V that was originally created by the Nazis in the '30s.

'The Boys' [Credit: Wildstorm/Dynamite]
'The Boys' [Credit: Wildstorm/Dynamite]

With these superheroes committing crimes against civilians due to believing they can get away with anything, the Boys contain these superheroes while mostly refraining from killing them in order to protect society.

The comic series has been the subject of intense interest for an adaptation for nearly a decade in Hollywood, beginning with Columbia Pictures optioning the rights to the series for a film back in 2008 with a script being written and director Adam McKay set to take the helm, but the film remained in development hell for five years due to script rewrites and studio changes before ultimately being shelved sometime in 2013.

It was announced in 2015 that Kripke, Golberg and Rogen had begun developing the comic books as a television series, with Cinemax greenlighting the series the following year before ultimately being passed on to Amazon this past September. Following a little over a month of extra development, the trio re-acquired the go ahead and is set to begin filming its eight-episode first season next spring with Rogen and Goldberg behind the camera.

'Preacher' [Credit: AMC]
'Preacher' [Credit: AMC]

Rogen and Golberg have had major success thus far in the television world, bringing Ennis' Preacher series to life through their Point Grey Pictures production company and Sony Pictures Television as well as the upcoming Hulu sci-fi comedy Future Man. With Preacher having just earned a third season, it's clear Rogen and Goldberg's streak shows no signs of slowing.

Are you looking forward to the upcoming Boys adaptation? What are your favorite characters from the comic? Let us know in the comments below!

[Source: Deadline]


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