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Alongside the question of how he keeps that mullet so manageable, the allegiance of Josh McDermitt's Eugene Porter is one of the biggest mysteries currently on AMC's The Walking Dead. Our pickle-loving genius currently finds himself wielding a double-edged sword of loyalty and lies. Although he is firmly in Camp Negan as the Savior's left-hand man, Season 7 of the apocalypse also closed with 's character questioning those closest to him.

Given that Eugene helped Sonequa Martin-Green's Sasha kill herself and inadvertently set off a whole chain reaction of unfortunate events, expect that secret to catch up with our pickle-loving mullet-supporter sometime soon. However, as we shuffle toward Season 8 of and 's show, the official Instagram for AMC's has us questioning Eugene's loyalties all over again.

Eu Ain't Got No Alibi

A cryptic image appeared on the social media account, which show's McDermitt's Eugene and his megaphone from the Season 7 finale — “Welcome to the first day of the rest of your life." Before you all boo, hiss, and comment with the snake emoji, some fans have noticed a very interesting detail away from the caption of "I'm Negan."The truck in the background bares the name "Trust A Move," and shows two arrows pointing in opposite directions. Getting particularly meta and overthinking things, could this hint at Eugene's dual allegiance and should we "trust" his "move" into Negan's camp is for the greater good?

Others called it out as just a faithful nod to Kirkman's of the same name. A moving truck bearing the name "Bust A Move" has appeared several times in the comics, but most notably when Negan arrives at the Alexandria Safe Zone.

'The Walking Dead' [Credit: Image Comics]
'The Walking Dead' [Credit: Image Comics]

So is it all a coincidence, or are the showrunners spelling out Eugene's plan in front of our eyes? Well, for those who are a fan of memes, you may remember the hilarious one relating to AMC's Breaking Bad and the show's notorious ability to overcomplicate everything with subliminal messaging. It didn't take redditors long to pull the same with the Eugene pic. As redditor Philllllllllllll writes:

"The angle of his feet shows that he is confident about his current position but he is not in a good state of mind (shown by eyebrow position).

The gradient of dark clothing becomes lighter towards his lower body, meaning that Negan has almost converted him over to the dark side.

Also, the half-clenched fist symbolizes that he will rise to power and betray Negan in episode 2 of the next season."

Nice try, but I think that may be a little out there, even for Gimple and co.


Since his introduction back in Season 4, the bumbling Eugene has been a bit of a dark horse. After lying about knowing a cure for the outbreak, he then repaired his tentative bromance with Abraham Ford and showed some serious brainpower with his ammunitions expertise. It is actually Eugene's bullet-crafting skills that saved his life, but it was also what threw him into the lion's den as the newest resident of the Sanctuary.

With his former friends coming to his rescue toward the end of Season 7, the new Eugene decided that the grass might really be greener on the other side and elected to remain firmly on the side of the slaughtering Saviors. Whether he really is Team Negan, or if this is all one long con remains to be seen, but it will surely be addressed in Season 8.

Certainly, things aren't looking good for Eugene, and even TWD alumni Michael Cudlitz thinks that his friend may have turned sour like his pickles. That being said, the show is known for its curveballs and some maintain that the yellow-bellied coward will find his redemption later this year. Alongside the traitorous Olly from Game of Thrones, Eugene currently finds himself as one of the most hated men on television. However, until we know more, perhaps we should all give McDermitt a break and let him get back to combing that substantial mane of man hair.

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