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Did you hear that? Sounded like a massive group of people attending The Walking Dead panel at New York Comic Con gasping in unison. Why you ask? Probably because comic creator and producer Robert Kirkman dropped the bombshell news that The Walking Dead and its spinoff, Fear the Walking Dead, will crossover within the next year.

After years of fan speculation and denial from showrunners involved with both series, we finally have confirmation that a crossover event is in the works. Kirkman decided to stay vague during his announcement at :

“I’ll say this: There are two Walking Dead shows. One character is going to go from one show that I will not name and appear on another show that I will not name.We’ve finally gotten to a place [with Fear the Walking Dead] where we can play with some things."

How Could A Crossover Work?

Before we jump right into the intense speculation how this crossover could potentially play out, it's important to wrap our heads around the timeline between the two series. The showrunners may have spent the last few years shooting down theories about how the original series could be related to , Kirkman has teased how the connection could play out this past July:

“Fear the Walking Dead takes place roughly around the time of Season 1 and beginning of Season 2 in The Walking Dead. Walking Dead Season 8 is taking place with the theoretical Fear the Walking Dead Season 7.… Right now the timelines are so different that it’s impossible.”

Did Kirkman change his tune with the "impossible" mentality or was this just another common technique of his to throw off viewers? Despite not being the ratings juggernaut like , Fear the Walking Dead is finally finding its following. The series has carved its own path and is almost entirely different except for occurring during the same biological event that creates zombies. Without relying on the connections of the original series, FTWD gave the characters and storylines a fresh opportunity to explore and grow on their own. The crossover plans seemed inevitable but it is quite a surprise to see it occur so early considering the respective shows' current timelines.

So how exactly could this crossover shake out? Here are a few ideas.

Madison Appears On 'The Walking Dead'

A crossover would make sense if it involves a flashback of some sort due to FTWD being a few season behind the current timeline on TWD. The kids would be too young to be featured in a flashback, so that leaves only a few adult FTWD characters. Many fans have speculated that Madison Clark is related to Rick Grimes or she could very well be related to another key character, like Daryl Dixon or maybe even Carol.

Consider what we know about her backstory: Madison is from Alabama and grew up in an abusive home with an alcoholic father. Her erratic home life became so severe that Madison ended up killing her father to protect her and her mother from further abuse. We know that Carol lived in the South with her abusive and alcoholic husband Ed who we met for a short time in season one. Is it possible that Ed is related to Madison in some way and alcoholism runs in the family? Could we get a flashback between the two women consoling each other as victims only to go on to prominently grown stronger over their character arcs.

Abraham Pops Up On 'Fear The Walking Dead'

At this point it would probably be more effective to have a character from TWD appear on FTWD. This way it would drum up more interest for fans to dive into the newer series if they haven't done so already. It would also make sense for a fan favorite to be involved to churn up interest, like recent TWD fallen hero Abraham.

Wise-cracking and brave, Abraham was a military man from Houston, Texas but we quickly learned of his struggles with PTSD. Recently on FTWD, we learned that Lee aka "Crazy Dog," a member of the Black Hat Reservation, also served in the U.S. Army and suffers from PTSD to the point that it led to a divorce from his wife. Abraham was a sergeant and it's possible that the two served together or crossed paths during their time in the Army. As such, it's possible we could see Abraham in some sort of flashback if we go deeper into Crazy Dog's history. Fans would certainly be on board for a return of actor Michael Cudlitz, who plays Abraham, in some capacity. It's doubly intriguing to ponder Abraham's return because just one day after the news of the crossover broke, Cudlitz even posted a cryptic tweet reading "Crazy shit is about to go down. See y'all on the other side."

What could it mean?

The Return Of Morales From 'The Walking Dead'

One of the biggest mysteries surrounding The Walking Dead since its premiere season involves the fate of Morales. The man whose first name is still unknown left the camp along with his wife, son and daughter to find family rather than travel with Rick and the group to the CDC. The family was given a walkie-talkie in case they changed their mind but were never heard from again. It is very possible that the Morales family was thrown of course and made their way out west, especially as time has gone on in Fear the Walking Dead. It would be amazing to see Morales show up with his family intact to fill in the gaps since he left the camp in season one.

One thing is certain: the cast and crew of both series are staying tight-lipped about the crossover. The hype will only continue to grow especially with the event coming so soon. As the speculation on who will appear and on what show continues to expand, so will the question of how this event can benefit both shows without taking away their unique and separate focus.

Fear the Walking Dead currently airs Sundays until The Walking Dead returns October 22 to takeover the timeslot!

What do you think about the crossover plans between TWD and FTWD? Who do you predict will be crossing over? Tell us in the comments below!

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