ByMatt Carter, writer at
If the zombie apocalypse kicks off you'll find me in the Winchester. @moremattcarter
Matt Carter

AMC is making all your New Year dreams come true after revealing that The Walking Dead will be aired in its entirety starting December 31st. All four seasons of the zompocalypse drama will be shown during a two day undead-viewing marathon starting at 9am/8c with the pilot and ending at 5am/4c on January 2nd, 2014.

If that wasn't enough awesome TV to make you forget about the depressing inevitability of a brand new year of broken dreams, AMC is also screening all five seasons of their critically acclaimed, pop-culture defining show Breaking Bad You can relive the story of Walter White's journey from Mr Chips to Scarface from Friday, December 27th through Monday December 30th.

Thank you AMC. My New Year hangover just got a lot more tolerable.




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