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Amelia Rose Blaire began as a young woman who empathized with the plight of vampires at the start of HBO's True Blood Season 6 and ended it as the newest addition to Eric Northman's (Alexander Skarsgard) family, as Willa Burrell. Lucky, lucky lady...

In a recent interview with The Huffington Post, the True Blood thesp was asked why the HBO show is so appealing and has such a massive fan base, and said that she thought it's all about the balance the show creates:

I think the show has created a remarkable balance between being authentic to the lure of the vampire while remaining relevant and at times a bit controversial. The show is very sensual and very sexual, but it also explores the persecution of a race, prejudice and has never been afraid to take on hot topics that address basic "human" rights, the role of free will as well as acceptance.

And when asked what she has in common with her character, Willa, Blaire commented that:

I like to think I have a great deal in common with Willa as she has been able to endure great change and transition in her life. She is also capable of and not afraid to show a great deal of love as well as compassion. She is deeply concerned about her father and the plight of the vampires and as such exudes empathy for both. I have many friends who would be considered part of a "minority" and I feel for them and love and support them. At a time when LGBT issues are at the forefront, like Willa I want to be part of the movement toward understanding and equality and for that I think she and I are forever linked.

Blaire will be returning to our small screens as Willa later this year for the show's final run. What do you think is in store for her character?

True Blood returns to HBO with new episodes summer 2014.


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