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British fans of sci-fi series Misfits have been anxiously clutching their cups of tea ever since plans for a US reboot were announced. Following the adventures of five young community service workers bestowed with freak superpowers, the show was iconic not only for its brazen subject matter and hilarious dialogue, but its quintessentially British characters.

It's easy to see why former fans of the show would have their doubts about an American version of the show. While US remakes of beloved British comedies The Office and Shameless found similar success among their American audiences, it's not always a winning formula. Just look at the one-season-and-done remakes of UK teen comedies The Inbetweeners and Skins.

But with the future stars of the Americanized just announced, is there still reason to be concerned? Let's check out the cast list so far and see how they compare.

Meet Your New Juvenile Delinquents

Four out of five of the main characters have been cast. The wisecracking Nathan will be played by Jake Cannavale, who you might recognize from Nurse Jackie. Ashleigh LaThrop, who starred in the Fifty Shade of Grey sequel, is set to play Alicia. Orphan Black's Allie MacDonald will play the ever-fiery Kelly, and Tre Hall (Rebel) has snagged the part of Curtis.

There's no doubting the physical similarities between the original UK cast and the reboot's new stars, and the character descriptions certainly sounds pretty spot-on. But wait a minute— where's Simon?

The painfully awkward Simon was an integral character in the original Misfits, and thrust actor Iwan Rheon into the spotlight long before he became known as Game of Thrones' notorious Ramsay Bolton.

Freeform has yet to cast Simon (or is it Barry?). Considering the phenomenal job Rheon did of portraying the invisible "freak", it's no surprise they'd want to take their time finding the right person for the job.

What are your thoughts on the US Misfits reboot cast list so far?

(Source: Deadline)


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