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When it comes to making historic television, few know how to do it like Ryan Murphy. Murphy has been responsible for some of the biggest shows in history, including the iconic Glee and the super scary American Horror Story. His latest hit, American Crime Story received rave reviews and multiple awards, showing that he's also capable of producing pure unadulterated drama.

However, American Crime Story may have cleaned house at both the Emmys and the Golden Globes but it looks like Murphy has no intention of slowing down where the show is concerned. According to The Hollywood Reporter, Murphy is showing interest in exploring the scandal between former President of the United States Bill Clinton and his highly publicized affair with White House intern Monica Lewinsky in a future season of American Crime Story.

Allegedly, Murphy has already optioned author Jeffrey Toobin's A Vast Conspiracy: The Real Sex Scandal That Nearly Brought Down a President as source material for the project. Toobin was heavily involved in the production of the award winning first season of the hit series and his book The Run of His Life: The People v. O.J. Simpson was the primary inspiration behind it.

It Won't Be Coming Any Time Soon

"American Crime Story" was a huge success. [Via FX]
"American Crime Story" was a huge success. [Via FX]

Although the topic is being discussed now, it's important to remember that a Lewinsky based season of American Crime Story won't be coming any time soon. American Crime Story has already been renewed for a second and third season, both of which the themes and storylines have already been confirmed.

The second season will focus on the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina and, although it was due for release in 2017, it has been delayed until 2018 due to Murphy working on new anthology series Feud. The third season of American Crime Story will focus on the murder of Gianni Versace and will likely air in 2019 meaning that if Murphy and the other American Crime Story execs decide to tackle the Lewinsky case then it could be 2020 at the earliest before we see this series.

Is Murphy Taking On Too Much At Once?

"American Horror Story" is a huge success. [Via FX]
"American Horror Story" is a huge success. [Via FX]

Murphy may be the kingpin of television but even the kingpin needs to take a break. Hot off the success of The People v. OJ, Murphy already has two more seasons of American Crime Story to produce before he can even think about the Lewinsky centric season. Additionally, his juggernaut American Horror Story just completed it's stylistically different sixth season and preparation for the upcoming seventh is well underway, not to mention that FX recently picked the horror anthology series up for an eight and ninth season — this means that AHS will be on the air until at least 2019.

Murphy is currently working on Feud: Bette and Joan with AHS alum Jessica Lange leading the series. Feud is set for debut in March. Also, let's not forget that he helms Scream Queens too. That's a lot of shows which means that he must be under a lot of pressure. Murphy may have it all but he will be trying to do the impossible if he takes on much more. Don't get me wrong, all of his projects sound fantastic and I would personally love to see the Lewinsky scandal covered on a future season of Crime Story but it deserves his full attention — something that's going to be difficult to accomplish while he's helming all of the above shows.

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All Eyes Will Be On The Cast

The cast of "American Crime Story" Season 1 received critical acclaim. [Via FX]
The cast of "American Crime Story" Season 1 received critical acclaim. [Via FX]

According to The Hollywood Reporter, Murphy and other producers are fast-tracking the drama and are already meeting with actresses to portray Lewinsky and colleague Linda Tripp. If American Crime Story does tackle this storyline then the casting will need to be on point like it was with The People v. OJ. The Lewinsky scandal was and still is a high profile case so casting is extremely important and it'll be interesting to see if Murphy will cast in house like he has in the past or if he will go for other actors and actresses.

The People v. OJ was a mix of both, with American Horror Story regular Sarah Paulson leading the pack as Marcia Clark while veteran actors David Schwimmer, John Travolta and Cuba Gooding Jr. all came on board — the latter of whom joined Paulson in the latest season of American Horror Story.

Hot off her Emmy and Golden Globe win, I could definitely see Murphy cast Paulson in the role of Lewinsky but maybe the role will go to an outsider — actress Megan Hilty bears somewhat of a resemblance. If Murphy does cast some of his regulars then Kathy Bates and Jessica Lange could play the roles of Linda Tripp and Hilary Clinton, respectively. This is all speculation, but the point is is that in order to pull off such an important storyline, Murphy would need a stellar cast to do so.

"American Crime Story: The People v. OJ" won several awards. [Via FX]
"American Crime Story: The People v. OJ" won several awards. [Via FX]

The Lewinsky scandal was a huge moment in American politics and it'll definitely make for an interesting season of American Crime Story. If Murphy and co can pull off a production anywhere near as compelling as The People v. OJ then viewers will definitely be in for a treat. Not only that, but if it's successful then American Crime Story could very well be leading the award nominations once again. Now that would be politically correct!

Would you like to see American Crime Story tackle the Lewinsky scandal? Who would you like to see play the roles? Tell us in the comment section below.


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