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If there's one thing Starz's adaptation of American Gods is pulling off with aplomb, it's the introductions to the gods themselves. In only three episodes so far, we've had dazzling primary encounters with many of the novel's most beloved characters: Bilquis engulfing a Tinder date via her vagina; Anansi's bejeweled spider-head schooling West African slaves on the future of Black lives in America; Anubis walking a recently deceased up a Queens stairwell to the deserts of Egypt; Odin stealing wind from the skies. The list goes on. And of course, the next episode — "Git Gone" — will be no exception.

Check out the promotional trailer below:

Spoiler Warning: The remainder of this article will contain spoilers for both the novel and potentially the TV series.

NB: Also please keep in mind that this is a theory, before you lose your head.

What's Going Down In Episode 4: What We Know So Far

The next episode of is going to be all about Laura Moon — the deceased wife of our protagonist; she has just come back from the dead with a little help from a lucky golden coin. We're going to be diving into her back story — a privilege we do not get in 's novel — to discover not only how she and Shadow met, but why she was driven to blowing his best friend.

Laura Moon is played by Emily Browning, and to use her words, as an audience we'll:

"...get to go back into her past and learn about her history ... When you see her in her everyday life kind of struggling and going through this mundane routine, I think it’s slightly easier to empathize with her and the shitty things that she does."

Of course, this means that we'll meet Robbie — the aforementioned "best friend" — in this episode too. However, if the show sticks to the format of introducing a new god at the beginning of every episode, Robbie isn't the only new face we'll be greeting. But which god will it be?

Which God Will Be Introduced In This Episode?

'American Gods' [Credit: Starz]
'American Gods' [Credit: Starz]

This is when the speculation part comes in, but theories are nothing if not speculation and we'll only have to wait a week to see if I'm wrong. So, here it is: I think we'll meet Mr. World in Episode 4, and I think showrunners Bryan Fuller and Michael Green have merged his character with another from the novel that would be impossible to portray on screen: The Forgotten God.

And here's why: Firstly, in last week's episode you'll recall that Shadow and Wednesday robbed a bank and, if you were watching closely you may have noticed that to the right-hand side of every shot within said bank was a shadow. I staggered a guess that this shadow was in fact Mr. World, the leader of the New Gods and (seemingly) Wednesday's greatest opponent. Mr. World is portrayed by Crispin Glover, who did not appear in the episode but was listed on its IMDb page, which is a pretty big clue that it was him. However, nowhere in the book does Mr. World hang out in banks, nor any vaulted buildings, should my memory serve me correctly. But do you know who does? Yup — The Forgotten God (FG, from now on).

We meet FG a handful of times in the novel, but we never find out who he truly is and neither does Shadow — every time his identity is explained to him, every time he sees his face, Shadow forgets immediately. In the car on the way back from The House on the Rock, FG is one of Shadow's passengers, yet he remembers nothing about him. Wednesday even tells Shadow a few times who FG is, but seconds later the information is wiped from his mind. Portraying that on screen would be really difficult — nigh on impossible, really — and also not that necessary to the story. However, there is one really cool thing about his character that the Starz's adaptation may have incorporated into another: FG can walk around sealed off areas — like the underground vaults of a casino in Las Vegas, for example — without being noticed. And where does the first scene in the above trailer take place? In a casino.

What's more — and this is when the real SPOILERS for those who've not read the book come into play — Mr. World is the leader of the New Gods; you know this already, but he is also Low Key Lyesmith, a.k.a. Loki, the Norse god of trickery. Loki is Odin's — a.k.a. Mr. Wednesday, leader of the forgotten gods — partner in crime. Thus, should Mr. World and FG be one and the same, he would embody both sides of the coin, which would be super ironic, not to mention perfect, don't you think?

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