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Imagine the situation: You've somehow wound up in a hooker's bedroom, you've bam'd your cash down on the side table and shimmied forward, ready for action. Then she asks if you wouldn't mind worshiping her as you get down to business. "What the hell" you think, and begin to wax lyrical about how divine she is to you. But you've fallen into her trap, for the more you worship her, the more she's able to gobble you up whole — via her vagina.

Having trouble picturing that? Fear not, for soon you won't have to imagine — because it happens in the pilot episode of your new TV obsession, . And who is this man-swallowing Goddess? She's called Bilquis, and you can meet her in the newly released promo below:

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Starz's adaptation of Neil Gaiman's fantastical masterpiece will hit screens April 30th at 9/8c. The story follows ex-con Shadow Moon as he's released from jail jobless, wifeless and aimless, and winds up working as a reluctant bodyguard for the mysterious Mr. Wednesday. Together they travel across America, searching for backup in a battle that pits the old Gods against the new.

Bilquis is played by Yetide Badak — read about the rest of the amazing by clicking through the hashtag.

Are you hyped for the American Gods TV adaptation?


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