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Ever wanted a dead person to describe their death to you? If the answer is yes then you're in luck — Laura Moon is going to do just that when her resurrected cadaver hits the small screen in later this month.

The wife of our protagonist, Shadow Moon, passes away just days before he's released from jail, her death sending his life down an unexpected and downright bizarre path. This path is made all the more insane when a magic coin brings Laura's decaying corpse out of the grave and back into his life, ready to fill him in on all the gory details of how she died and the moments leading up to it.

Sound crazy? Yeah, because it is — and Starz has given us an idea of how she does it in the sneak peek below:

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Based on Neil Gaiman's fantastical masterpiece, American Gods is a story that pits the Gods of old against the new. The eight-part series follows Shadow Moon as he's lead through America by the mysterious Mr. Wednesday, and into a reality that changes his life forever.

To learn more about Shadow, Mr. Wednesday and Laura Moon, click through here:

American Gods airs on Starz April 30th at 9/8c. Are you hyped?


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