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Warning: This article contains spoilers from American Horror Story: Roanoke.

American Horror Story created a terrifying new world with Roaonke, shocking fans with its realistic tone and old fashioned horror tropes that have left us hiding behind our sofas. Initially focusing on the fictional documentary My Roanoke Nightmare, Season 6 of the horror anthology took us through a series of dramatic re-enactments of Matt and Shelby Miller's horrific experience at the Roanoke farmhouse.

After Roanoke Nightmare ended, a sequel series went into production entitled Return to Roanoke: Three Days In Hell. This time, the dramatic re-enactors and their real life counterparts entered the house for three hellish nights during the Blood Moon ritual and all of them — except Lee Harris — died under "mysterious circumstances."

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However, the mystery didn't end there — when Lee was about to die alone in the woods, the witch of the wood Scathach appeared and aided her, making her feast on the heart of a pig — something that we saw in My Roanoke Nightmare when Scathach saved the Butcher by performing the same ritual. However, there is one important thing about this — it appears that this ritual forces the recipient of the heart to be eternally linked to the witch, just like The Butcher is — this means that Lee is supernaturally linked to Scathach. After this ritual, Lee killed all of her friends as well as two young kids — clearly she was acting under some supernatural order from Scathach.

The finale of Roanoke airs this week and although Lee will have a sit down with Asylum character Lana Winters for an in depth exposé where she will discuss the events of that hallowed night, there will likely be more seen before the episode reaches the end credits.

Scathach made Lee her puppet. [Via FX]
Scathach made Lee her puppet. [Via FX]

Could we see Scathach's link to Lee become present during the interview with Lana? We know that Scathach is the original Supreme witch, which gives us an idea of just how powerful she really is but it appears that there is more to her abilities that we haven't learned yet, seen through Lee's actions in the latest episode. This means that if Scathach does rear her horned head during the interview then Lana could be in for some pretty traumatic times.

However, there has to be some good to outweigh this dark magic and that got me thinking — Lana's appearance in Roanoke clearly links Roanoke to Asylum, which means that there is always the possibility of another Asylum character popping up in the finale.

Could We See Asylum's Angel of Death Reappear?

Could "Asylum" character Shachath relieve some "Roanoke" suffering? [Via FX]
Could "Asylum" character Shachath relieve some "Roanoke" suffering? [Via FX]

While most of the Asylum regulars are dead, there is but one character who is ageless and in fact she's not of this world at all — Frances Conroy's Angel of Death, Shachach. The name similarity to Scathach is off-putting, but the two characters are two sides of the same coin — both supernaturally gifted and both able to do unimaginable things. Could we see Shachath appear in the Roanoke finale to combat Scathach's evil magic?

The Witch Of The Wood Is The Total Opposite Of The Angel Of Death

Their names may be similar but they're more different than you think. [Via FX]
Their names may be similar but they're more different than you think. [Via FX]

The similarity of their names is the only thing these two AHS characters have in common. Scathach the witch inflicts suffering on others by using dark magic to forever tie them to her so that she can bend them to her will — like puppets. In fact, it was her who influenced The Butcher to kill her colony and enslave them to her for all of eternity. Scathach practices dark magic beyond our understanding and it was seemingly her magic that invented all of the witches around the world, including the one seen in Coven.

In contrast, Asylum's Angel of Death appears to ease the suffering of those in pain — the ones who are ready to give up and need a way out. Although the Angel of Death is often a term associated with horror and pain, this is not the case in the American Horrror Story shared universe. Here, it is associated with the kind woman who helps out those who's souls are in suffering. She has the power to release those from suffering so perhaps she could appear in the Roanoke finale to put an end to Scathach's black magic.

Maybe she could even relieve Lee from all of the burdens that are weighing her down — whether you like her or not, lee Harris has been through one rough ride. It is also worth noting that during Asylum, The Angel of Death was able to look upon Sister Mary Eunice — who was possessed by the Devil — so if she can take her on then Scathach should be easy to take down.

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The Angel Of Death Has Appeared To Lana Winters Before

Lana was visited by Shachath during her imprisonment in "Asylum". [Via FX]
Lana was visited by Shachath during her imprisonment in "Asylum". [Via FX]

This theory isn't just grasping at straws by picking the only other Asylum character that could possibly still exist — there is another reason why Asylum's Shachath could appear in Roanoke and that is because Lana and her are acquainted with one another. During a rather disturbing scene in Asylum that saw psychopathic killer Oliver Thredson — better known as Bloody Face — rape the aspiring reporter, Lana was visited by the Angel of Death who agreed to take her from her suffering, but moments before their lips collided Lana changed her mind. Lana refused to give up and of course it was her will power that got her out of this seemingly impossible situation.

Lana may have went on to live a long, successful life, but she is aware of the Angel's existence and whether it be in the Roanoke finale or some time later down the line, when Lana breathes her last breath we know that the Angel will be there to take her to the other side. Perhaps the Angel of Death has aways been watching over Lana, the same way she watched over Sister Jude for many years awaiting her last breath. If she is protecting Lana then she will no doubt swing into action of Scathach does appear.

American Horror Story is no stranger to re-using popular characters and with the re-introduction of Asylum favourite Lana Winters there is every reason to believe that The Angel of Death Shachath will return also. Frances Conroy hasn't appeared since her performance as Mama Polk in Roanoke Nightmare, so there is no reason why she couldn't reprise her popular role as the Angel. Maybe I'm reading too much into this, but Ryan Murphy confirmed that we would see many popular characters return this season and with Lana about to take on the evil Lee/Scathach combination, then perhaps her guardian angel will fly into action, saving the world from the witch's magic once and for all.

American Horror Story: Roanoke concludes Wednesday on FX. Do you think the Roanoke finale could spell an appearance for Asylum's mysterious Angel of Death? Tell me your thoughts in the comment section below.


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