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Brainstorming freaky costumes is harder than surviving a night in the Hotel Cortez. Yet year after year, we continue to dress up and scare each other on All Hallows Eve, gathering whatever we can find from thrift shops and our Mom's wardrobe.

However, while dressing up is fun, finding inspiration for a truly scary ensemble can be tough — like 'finding out your powers are stronger when you're blind so you have to stab your eyes out' kind of tough. Fortunately though, still continues to provide us with memorable costume ideas from some of the shows most iconic characters across the past six seasons.

Check out some of the real-life serial killers who inspired American Horror Story for more ideas:

Whether it's Halloween or you simply want to murder the best looks at a house party, look no further than the 25 best American Horror Story costume ideas that will literally slay you.

1. Twisty: Freakshow

2. Tate Langdon: Murder House

3. Fiona Goode: Coven

4. Black Dahlia: Murder House

5. The Countess: Hotel

6. Nun: Asylum

7. Moira O'Hara: Murder House

8. Pepper: Asylum/Freak Show

9. Pepper: Asylum/Freak Show

10. Jimmy Darling: Freak Show

11. Tate Langdon: Murder House

12. Zoe Benson: Coven

13. Dandy Mott: Freak Show

14. Sister Mary Eunice: Asylum/Freak Show

15. Liz & Iris: Hotel

16. The Countess: Hotel

17. Dandy Mott: Freak Show

18. Scáthach: Roanoke

19. Twisty: Freak Show

20. Bette and Dot Tattler: Freak Show

21. Elsa Mars: Freak Show

22. Papa Legba: Coven

23. Desiree Dupree: Freak Show

24. James March: Hotel

25. Pepper: Asylum/Freak Show

See also:

Check out some of American Horror Story's most f**ked up moments for inspiration in the clip below:

Whether you decide to take on the Supreme or whack on a third breast and impersonate Desiree Dupree, any Halloween costume inspired by American Horror Story is guaranteed to win the admiration of everyone you meet. Hell, even if you don't like dressing up for Halloween, you could always dress down, Dandy-style. Now that's how you drive people crazy.

[Via FX]
[Via FX]


Which Roanoke character would you like to dress up as for Halloween?


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