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The seventh season of American Horror Story is practically around the corner and we can't wait to see what kind of creepy capers Ryan Murphy has in store for us this year. The TV showrunner revealed the theme and title of Season 7 to be American Horror Story: Cult, which will probably be as scary as it sounds.

With a September 5th premiere date, there's only a little over a month before drops, but Ryan Murphy has already given fans of a little taster of what's to come with Instagram posts featuring terrifying elephant men and ambidextrous demons — and now the showrunner has revealed the official poster for Cult and, well, you'll have to see it to believe it. Check it out below:

We've heard of a combover haircut, but wow! As you can see above, the new poster is remiscent of previous seasons (specifically Asylum, Freak Show and Hotel), all of which feature an unknown woman stressing the theme of each season. While not particularly clear at first, posters tend to be metaphorically representative of the themes explored throughout the season, and this poster is no different.

While the relevance of the bees has yet to be explained, we're betting that the art is playing on the fact that cults are associated with getting in people's heads — and isn't that exactly what the bees are doing in this poster? Yikes, now we're truly scared!

We also know that Season 7 will somehow involve the 2016 presidential election, and while Donald Trump and Hilary Clinton may appear in some capacity, they won't be heavily involved. Series regulars and will be returning, this time playing the show's protagonists.

American Horror Story: Cult begins on FX September 5th.

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