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Is it Christmas for fans of American Horror Story? Because fresh new details are continuing to roll out. In addition to the title reveal for Season 7, which is now officially American Horror Story: Cult, it has just been announced that American Horror Story alums Frances Conroy and Mare Winningham will make appearances this election season.

Fans will recognize Frances Conroy as an veteran, as Conroy has been a part of the show since it first hit our screens in 2011. She has played memorable and iconic characters, including: Moira O'Hara, Shachath (Angel of Death), Myrtle Snow, Gloria Mott and the reenactment actor for Mama Polk. Her only absence was in Season 5. Frances Conroy is currently starring in the TV adaptation of Stephen King's The Mist on Spike.

'American Horror Story' [Credit: Fox]
'American Horror Story' [Credit: Fox]

Mare Winningham joined the American Horror Story family in Season 3's Coven as Evan Peters's mother, Alicia Spencer. She returned for Season 4's Freak Show as Rita Gayheart and acted alongside Peters in Season 5's Hotel as Mrs. Evers.

'American Horror Story' [Credit: Fox]
'American Horror Story' [Credit: Fox]

Not much is known about Conroy or Winningham's appearances at this moment, other than that they will be joining fellow American Horror Story alums, and and a few newcomers, including Billie Lourd and Colton Haynes. You can check out the official cast for American Horror Story: Cult here.

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