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American Horror Story has already freaked us out with ghosts, Nazis, witches, vampires and a Piggy Man, but let's face it — nothing is more terrifying than clowns. Show runner Ryan Murphy knows it, blue-haired Evan Peters knows it. Hell, even that red-haired kid who died in the first episode of Murder House knows it, but that doesn't make the prospect of Season 7 any less terrifying.

However, after months of patiently refreshing Ryan Murphy's Instagram on the daily, the gods of old have finally smiled down upon us and given fans the first official trailer for Season 7 of American Horror Story: Cult. What are you waiting for? Too scared to press play?

"Are you afraid?"

Fans may have joked that America already suffered a horror story of its own last year, but Murphy is hoping to up the ante with his own take on the presidential election, switching out monstrous politicians for clowns and monsters of his own design. Have no fear though. It's officially been confirmed that both Donald Trump and Hilary Clinton will in fact also appear on the show — just not in the way that you'd expect.

While it's too early to determine how Season 7 compares to earlier chapters, fans are more excited than ever to see exactly how American Horror Story will tackle the election, all while potentially setting up the Murder House/Coven crossover in Season 8 or 9.

Tune in to FX in September to see the first episode of Season 7 in full, complete with the regular American Horror Story cast we know and love. Whether the actors each sport an entire rainbow of hair colors or whether they keep things natural, this season sure has my vote — As long as they don't rip off Stephen King's Pennywise in the process.

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