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American Horror Story: Cult premieres next month and we're excited to see the what Ryan Murphy has in store for fans in the next instalment of the horror anthology series. Murphy has already given us several little tasters of what's to come with Instagram posts, some featuring terrifying elephant men while others focused on ambidextrous demons.

While there's still a little while left before Cult hits screens, the team have been rolling out teaser trailers like they do every year and this year's are arguably the creepiest yet. We've had some clown teasers and bee teasers and now, has previewed the new season with a bigger selection of scary teasers.


While previous teasers for have shown people in terror and others have highlighted a group of creepy clowns, this one is rather simple, featuring a person surfacing in the water. While its pretty ambigious, the color scheme is similar to previous teasers, with a strong honey-esque color being used to represent the bees and the honey, which seem to be of some relevance for Cult.

Wanna Ride?

If you thought the previous trailers were terrifying then the one above really takes the terror to new levels. Titled "Wanna ride?", this trailer features a bus full of creepy clowns, riding to an unknown destination. However, if that wasn't scary enough, an even freakier clown pops down from the top of the screen, staring at viewers while remaining upside down. Yikes!

They Will Become Us

The third teaser focuses on one clown in particular, giving us Freak Show vibes. What's worse is that the clown that's taking center stage is grinning from ear to ear, making him even creepier. The caption "they will become us" accompanies the teaser, which is likely related to the Cult theme. Perhaps it's suggesting that viewers will become obsessed with this season AHS? If it's anything like previous seasons that that definitely won't be a problem!

With a killer cast including Billie Lourd, Colton Haynes and Emma Roberts, American Horror Story Season 7 could be the scariest one yet. Series regulars Sarah Paulson and Evan Peters will be taking center stage in this twisted season that will somehow involve the 2016 presidential election. We don't know about you, but we're definitely ready to sign up for this cult!

American Horror Story: Cult begins on FX September 5th.

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