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There's not much longer to go before the new season of American Horror Story hits screens, and we can't wait to see what Ryan Murphy's twisted anthology series has in store for us this year. The upcoming seventh season, entitled Cult, will see a return to the show's traditional form of horror after taking somewhat of a deviation with last year's Roanoke season.

We could barely contain our excitement for after the first trailer dropped last week. Featuring a killer performance from Sarah Paulson as her character discovers the results of the presidential election, Cult is shaping up to be a pretty unusual, albeit terrifying concept. To tide us over until the premiere date, we've been treated to another trailer for the series and, dare we say it, it's even more scarier than the first. Check it out below:

I don't know about you, but those clowns are creeping the hell out of us! All of the previous teaser trailers have focused on clowns and the above trailer seems to pull from all of the teasers, making this promo extremely terrifying. However, as usual, it's Sarah Paulson who has to deal with the trauma.

Torment For Sarah Paulson

Those folks behind the scenes at AHS really love putting Paulson through hell, but considering the actress always delivers award-worthy performances on the show, we guess it would be a waste to not have her screaming at least once an episode. This time around, her character seems to be tormented by nightmares featuring clowns and, if previous seasons of are anything to go by, then those nightmares will likely become a reality.

Historically, cults have been known to get inside people's heads, causing emotional torment, so could Paulson's character be involved in some sort of cult and perhaps this is what leads to her mental break? Additionally, the official poster for Season 7 features a woman, clearly stressed out by the bee's entering her head. While the relevance of the bees has yet to be explained, the poster is likely playing on the fact that cults are associated with getting into people's minds and it seems something has definitely got inside Paulson's character's head in the new trailer.

Scariest American Horror Story Yet?

In terms of horror, this could be the scariest season yet. Let's not forget that series creator Ryan Murphy has already teased on Instagram some of the horrors that viewers have to look forward to this season, including an elephant monster, an ambidextrous demon and several other freaky creatures that we've no idea how to describe. With the season officially titled Cult, we're trying to figure out how exactly these unusual characters will fit into the show but as of yet we're a bit clueless.

The cast for American Horror Story: Cult is one of the strongest we've had so far, with Paulson and Evan Peters leading this time around. We've also got Scream Queens actress Billie Lourd, Arrow's Colton Haynes, comedian Billy Eichner, Popular's Leslie Grossman and regular AHS cast member Emma Roberts. Unfortunately, Kathy Bates will not be involved with Cult. Her absence is likely due to the actress's leading role on new Netflix comedy, Disjointed.

[Credit: FX]
[Credit: FX]

American Horror Story: Cult hits screens next month and with a first class line up and more clowns than we could possibly imagine, its looking more and more likely that Cult could be the scariest American Horror Story of them all. I don't know about you but we're thinking it's time to go and purchase additional cushions to hide behind for when Cult hits screens — we're going to need them!

American Horror Story: Cult commences on September 5th.

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