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From Nicole Kidman's pistol to Beyonce-themed drinks, the second episode of American Horror Story: Cult continued to indoctrinate us with a variety of insane references and hilarious lines that we'll continue to quote long after Season 7 has ended ("Lesbians, we're under attack!" now officially ranks up there with the best of them).

However, as Sarah Paulson's character dives ever deeper into her psychosis, we here at Movie Pilot will also continue delving deep to uncover every Easter Egg and hidden reference found in the second episode of American Horror Story: Cult. Once you've double-checked the opening credits for a few tantalizing secrets, join us as we reveal all of the alternative facts that you might have missed in Episode 2 of Season 7, "Don't Be Afraid Of The Dark."

1. Is Everyone In The Cult?

'American Horror Story: Cult' [Credit: FX]
'American Horror Story: Cult' [Credit: FX]

Kai Anderson certainly has positioned himself as the villain of Season 7 early on, rattling Ally's mind with a searing confrontation outside of her home this week, but we still can't help but wonder whether her wife, Ivy Mayfair-Richards, is in on the plan too. In the very first scene, Ivy continues fighting for a partner of the year award by responding to Ally's nightmare visions with this unsupportive quote:

"I don't know how much more of this I can take."

Sure, it can't be easy for her to deal with Ally's erratic behavior, but Ivy's questionable lack of support still paints her as someone not to be trusted.

2. Pinned Ya!

Twisty's weapon of choice, a juggling pin, is prominently displayed in the background of Oz's bedroom just moments before the clown himself shows up to terrorize the poor boy, foreshadowing his arrival. Whether this ghoul is one of the boy's hallucinations or a real man dressed up as Twisty, it seems unlikely that the evil clown is the same one from Freak Show given that supernatural elements aren't supposed to be involved this season.

3. Who Am I To Disagree?

Remember when American Horror Story teased us with hints of a nautical theme for Season 7 after the Roanoke finale aired? While this ultimately turned out to be untrue, we did spot a lamp shaped like an anchor in Oz's bedroom. This is the first time that any reference has been made to the official promo that was shared last year, although we now know that the lack of monsters is due to a new focus on real-life horror in American Horror Story: Cult. Could the "sweet dreams" also refer to Ally's potential hallucinations? Quite possibly, although more clues may continue to appear as Season 7 progresses.

4. Giving Us Hope

Following the inflammatory speech that Kai Anderson delivers on TV, a news reporter called Beverley Hope discusses the ramifications of his words for WBNR Channel 7. Those of you who were paying attention may have realized that this was the Season 7 debut of Adina Porter, one of the main cast members who endured hell at the Roanoke house in Season 6.

5. Winter Is Here

Winter Anderson has acted suspiciously ever since we first saw her make a pinky promise with Kai, but this week, she reveals that the clowns Oz saw murder the neighbors were in fact real. As if that weren't creepy enough, Winter also ran a bath for Ally toward the end of this week's episode, even coming onto her just before the lights went out. As anyone who's seen that horrifying outdoor bath scene in Roanoke can attest to though, no one who prizes cleanliness on is safe.

Keep checking back with us weekly as we break down everything you missed in each episode of American Horror Story: Cult and remember to pay your respects to Deadro, the poor guy who snuffed it at the end of this week's episode.

Did you spot any Easter Eggs that we missed in the second episode of American Horror Story: Cult? Let us know your thoughts in the comments section below!


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