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While we still don't know whether Sonia from The Real Housewives of New York really does have a drinking problem or not, that's the least of our worries after watching the third episode of American Horror Story: Cult. Between the sombrero-wearing neighbors and that guy just looking to get his dick sucked, Season 7 continues to delve into almost clownish levels of insanity and we're all here for it.

However, among all of the white privilege and exploding guinea pigs, it's easy to become distracted by the terror that's inflicted on the Mayfair-Richards family. Join us here at Movie Pilot as we do the hard work and hunt for every Easter Egg and hidden reference in the Season 7 episode "Neighbors From Hell."

1. An Apple A Day...

'American Horror Story: Cult' [Credit: FX]
'American Horror Story: Cult' [Credit: FX]

The opening scene of this week's episode confirmed two important things: One, coffins are scary, duh, but also, Dr. Rudy Vincent is clearly a member of the clown cult. Fans already had their suspicions — how else would the clowns know which phobias to exploit? — but this new attack literally puts the final nail in the coffin. We also couldn't help but notice how the good doctor rolls his eyes when Ally confides in him over the phone, all while touching smiley face pins that looks remarkably similar to the evil clowns. Anyone else having some serious Dr. Thredson vibes from Asylum?

2. Justice 4 Pedro

Protestors describe Ally as "a lesbian George Zimmerman" at one point, which seems particularly harsh given the real-life story behind this man's crimes. Born on October 5, 1983, Zimmerman found fame after the fatal shooting of an African American teen called Trayvon Martin in 2012. A year later, Zimmerman was acquitted of second-degree murder, yet remains a subject of public interest due to the ongoing controversy that surrounds this ruling.

3. A Shameless Cameo

American Horror Story alumni Adina Porter appears properly for the first time this week following her voice cameo in Episode 2, but eagle-eyed viewers may have also spotted a new addition to the cast in the form of Dermot Mulroney. Playing the news anchor who introduces Porter's report, Mulroney's appearance comes as a complete surprise, which is odd considering that the actor has starred in a huge number of films and shows over the years, including Shameless and My Best Friend's Wedding.

4. American Disney Story

'The Lion King' [Credit: Disney]
'The Lion King' [Credit: Disney]

Whether that green mist is an illegal chemical or something just designed to freak Ally out even more, this callback reminded us of the lime-green fog that surrounds Mordrake during his appearances in Freak Show. Oh, and doesn't every Disney villain bring green mist along for the ride too? It's official, guys. Limes are evil.

5. RIP Mr. Guinea: 2017–2017

Aside from the fact that Mr. Guinea is up there with the worst possible guinea pig names of all time, his explosive death in the microwave is also a callback to the days of Murder House. In Season 1, Hayden pretended to kill a dog named Hallie in the microwave, but Vivien later discovered that the bloody remains were in fact just an exploded tomato. The fact remains though, Mr. Guinea probably longed for death after Oz gave him that travesty of a name.

6. Poison Ivy

Ivy's suspicious behavior skyrocketed out of control this week once we learned that the parental controls on the family computer were locked in by a "clown" themed password. Even Ally looked at her wife in disbelief, wondering why on earth her beloved would directly tap into her greatest phobia like this.

Furthermore, did Winter Anderson send this clip of her and Ally getting busy to Oz directly or did he discover it for himself on the site Scared2Death? Either way, the family's babysitter has proved yet again that she's not to be trusted, yet we guarantee that she'll continue enjoying job security long before this ordeal is over.

Keep checking back with us weekly as we break down everything you missed in each episode of : Cult and remember to "have a nice day!"

Did you spot any Easter Eggs that we missed in the third episode of American Horror Story: Cult? Let us know your thoughts in the comments section below!


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