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After we learned more about Kai Anderson's cult last week, "Holes" finally revealed each member in full, although not everyone "nailed" the whole membership process. However, among all of the dead gimps and wasted tacos, there were also a surprising number of Easter Eggs and callbacks hidden throughout the fifth episode of Season 7, so join us here at Movie Pilot as we explore all of the references spotted in American Horror Story: Cult this week.

1. Walk The Plank, Oz

Given Oz's behavior this week, we're surprised that Ally even wants the ungrateful little weirdo back in her life, but among all of the awkwardness, reference was also made to Sarah Paulson's character from Season 3. It turns out that Oz used to like pirates when he was younger, which led to her wearing an eyepatch. Remember when Cordelia Foxx wore something similar in Coven after she went blind? Let's just hope that Ally still comes out supreme after Kai and the treacherous Ivy have finished toying with her.

2. Send In The Clowns

American Horror Story: Cult [Credit: FX]
American Horror Story: Cult [Credit: FX]

In a surprise twist that will delight horny fans of Evan Peters everywhere, it turns out that Kai is the one behind that phallic looking clown mask with three noses. Most of the other clowns were also revealed, including:

  • Beverly Hope — Hands coming out of face
  • Winter Anderson — Multicolored hair
  • Meadow Wilton — Harlequin
  • Ivy Mayfair-Richards — Red and white pattern
  • Detective Jack Samuels — Scalped clown with brain exposed
  • Harrison Wilton — Green hair
  • RJ — Ruffle with yellow hair

3. Nailed It!

Speaking of RJ, the hapless camera man is soon turned into a human pincushion when Kai decides to use his weakness as an example to the other cult members. Interestingly enough, Kai reminded us once again here of the nautical theme that Ryan Murphy teased back when Season 7 was first announced:

"[RJ's] an anchor and he'll bring us down to the bottom."

During this grisly torture scene, Kai licks the blood pouring down RJ's face, echoing the way that Bob Thompson licked the blood off his fingers after "playing" with his gimp upstairs.

4. Take The Red Pill

First popularized by The Matrix, the idea of "taking the red pill" also became the inspiration for a Reddit page that describes itself as “discussion of sexual strategy in a culture increasingly lacking a positive identity for men.” In reality, members of this online community have drawn controversy in the past for promoting toxic masculinity, so it's hardly a surprise that Kai Anderson would be interested in studying this site during the flashbacks.

5. Who's The Real Leader Of The Cult?

Fan theories predicted that Dr. Rudy Vincent is connected to the cult in some way, but few could have guessed that Ally's psychiatrist is the brother of Kai and Winter Anderson. Could he be the one true leader of the cult? Rudy sure did seem to hold power over Kai in the flashbacks... During these 2014 segments, we also learned that the Anderson parents were hidden behind the locked door we last saw in Episode 1, rotting away.

However, the final scene of this week's episode also implied that Kai may not hold onto whatever power he does wield for much longer. After Beverly Hope convinced Kai to tell his story, the cult leader was left crying and broken before her, revealing a weakness that could prove to be his undoing — unless of course, this was all a ruse, one designed to manipulate Hope further.

Keep checking back with us weekly as we break down everything you missed in each episode of American Horror Story: Cult and remember: "Ave Satanas!"

Did you spot any Easter Eggs that we missed in the fifth episode of American Horror Story: Cult? Let us know your thoughts in the comments section below!


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