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"Mid-Western Assassin" could have been overshadowed by the controversy that surrounded the episode prior to release, but the rally shooting wasn't the only scene that piqued our interest. Among all of the "entitled bullshit phobias" and snake oil salesmen, the sixth episode of Season 7 also contained a surprising number of Easter Eggs and callbacks. Join us here at Movie Pilot as we explore all of the references hidden in American Horror Story: Cult this week.

1. American Queer Story

Since Evan Peters surprised us all with a gay sex scene in Roanoke, American Horror Story has continued climbing that rainbow and showered us with a plethora of LGBT scenes this year. From its lesbian stars to the shower scene that required a clean-up on aisle four, Cult has commendably pushed queer characters to the forefront this year in a variety of roles.

This week, we couldn't help but notice Harrison Wilton and Jack Samuels finally consummating their passion on screen while Ally stole their keys. True, it seemed like the pair should have kept a closer eye on Meadow, but to be fair, that was some deep and thorough investigative work from Detective Samuels nonetheless.

2. Down The Rabbit Hole

'American Horror Story: Cult' [Credit: FX]
'American Horror Story: Cult' [Credit: FX]

Early on, it was revealed that Meadow Wilton is the one who designed the clown masks that each cult member wears to protect their identity. However, in a flashback to December 2016, audiences glimpsed a new design for a rabbit-themed mask that hasn't appeared on the show yet. Will this bunny pop up as a mask in future episodes or was this just a rough sketch that Meadow threw down the rabbit hole? Sure does make you wonder...

3. It's Always Jill Stein's Fault

When Kai asks Ivy what fills her most with dread, the answer she gives is shadier than any of the Drag Race queens who anaesthetize Meadow on the daily:

"The thought of laying in bed next to my wife."

Ouch. While this might seem initially harsh, painting Ivy out to be the villain we always suspected she could be, the reality is that her pain is derived from jealousy:

"I wanted to be the one who carried our son in the womb, but I couldn't because of my Endometriosis."

Jill Stein aside, this revelation finally provided Ivy with some much needed motivation, while also disproving a popular fan theory in the process. Plenty of viewers suspected that Ivy may be the one who gave birth to Oz, and that's why he's so cold to Ally, but the truth is that he just plain doesn't like her.

4. Cult Classics

Mare Winningham took center stage this week, calling Kai out in hilarious fashion. More than any other character so far, Sally Kefler seems to understand what drives the cult leader, so it's no surprise that she accurately compared him to the real-life cult leaders that Evan Peters will soon play on the show:

"Manson was a product of the '60s. Jim Jones too. It's no coincidence that David Koresh went up against Janet Reno..."

Before that though, Peters will play Andy Warhol opposite Lena Dunham in Episode 7, "Valerie Solanas Died for Your Sins, Scumbag."

5. The Lord Giveth And The Lord Tateth Away...

'American Horror Story: Cult' [Credit: FX]
'American Horror Story: Cult' [Credit: FX]

During the final shooting at the rally, something struck us as rather odd, and no, we don't mean Meadow's misguided suicide. On one of the banners hung behind Ally, viewers can clearly see an image of Evan Peters, but that doesn't look anything like Kai. Sure, the cult leader has sported a number of looks on the show so far, but Anderson doesn't even wear that style of hair in the flashback sequences either.

It seems then that the set design team might have used the image of Tate Langdon from Season 1 of American Horror Story instead, presumably to save time. Whether this was deliberate or not, it's always nice to see one of Evan's most popular characters make a return to the show, no matter how brief or strange.

Keep checking back with us weekly as we break down everything you missed in each episode of American Horror Story: Cult and remember: "Trump and Mr. Anderson aren't garbage. They're the flies that the garbage has drawn!"

Did you spot any Easter Eggs that we missed in the sixth episode of American Horror Story: Cult? Let us know your thoughts in the comments section below!


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