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After American Horror Story reimagined its entire format last year, removing the opening credits completely, creator Ryan Murphy and his team decided to bring them back for the cult theme ofSeason 7, wowing fans with one of the show's most creepy openings yet.

We now know that the election will only play a prominent role in the first episode of American Horror Story: Cult, but that hasn't stopped the show from drafting in a number of political figures for the credits, including none other than Donald Trump himself. Reports suggested that the current President of the United States would only appear on a TV screen in the show, but no one said anything about depicting Donald Trump masks in the opening credits!

Watch the opening credits for American Horror Story: Cult in full below;

While the first trailer for Season 7 and subsequent teasers didn't provide many clues — aside from an abundance of clowns and bees — these opening credits represent our best glimpse yet at what could bring.

Aesthetically speaking, the clown imagery brings to mind the Season 4 theme of Freakshow, veering away from the realism of Roanoke back to something more stylised. The political themes we expect to see in Season 7 appear not only in the form of masks, but also in the score, which is more anthemic than anything we've heard from the show before.

While both character details and the identity of the monsters remain somewhat vague, the opening credits on display have left us more excited than ever at the prospect of seeing how Season 7 fits into the overall timeline of American Horror Story. Yes, we're disappointed too that a blue-haired Evan Peters didn't make it into the credits, but at least the show's creators managed to sneak in a reference to with his signature red balloon — albeit one with silver stars emblazoned all over.

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