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American Horror Story is no stranger when it comes to adult content. For the past seven years, Ryan Murphy's anthology series has kept us at the edge of our seats and, despite the excellent storylines, we've had to endure countless brutal murders, horrifying dismemberment and innumerable graphic sex scenes.

We're eight episodes into the current season of the FX series and it's already clear that Cult is keeping that tradition alive; from cult killings to that unforgettable masturbation scene, there's no escaping the WTF nature of the show. However, if you thought that couldn't get any stranger, then you'd be wrong. The latest episode of the drama was arguably the weirdest episode yet, and it featured a steamy sex scene between Evan Peters and Colton Haynes which almost sent the internet into meltdown.

Note: This post contains spoilers from the latest episode of American Horror Story: Cult.

Evan Peters and Colton Haynes Share A Naked Kiss

[Credit: FX]
[Credit: FX]

After winning the last seat on the city council, Kai has become somewhat of a power-hungry maniac. In spite of his promises to reporter Beverly Hope and his sister Winter, the villainous Trump supporter resigned all of the women in his little cult to the kitchen, while the men reaped the glory and success. Understandably, the women weren't too happy about this. Beverly told Winter that Kai needs to be taken out, but Winter remained convinced that she could get through to her brother, so she went over to his place in the hopes of having a heart to heart (or pinky to pinky).

Things got a bit weird after that. Kai told Winter of his plans to make a messiah so that his mission can continue when he is no longer around, telling her that she would be the vessel to carry the child. Winter was grossed out, assuming that he meant incest, but Kai clarifed things for her: Winter would have sex with Samuels (Colton Haynes), while he penetrated Samuels from behind. Yep, you read that correctly — remember this is American Horror Story we're dealing with. As they prepared for their enactment of The Handmaid's Tale, Winter got on the bed while a very naked Kai seduced a very naked Samuels with a passionate kiss, arousing him for the ceremony.

Later on in the episode, viewers were later treated to a raunchy flashback scene that showed how Kai and Samuels first met. Yep, you guessed it, that scene also included graphic sex between the two characters. Interestingly, this isn't the first time that Evan Peters has featured in a steamy gay sex scene on American Horror Story. Last season, Peters portrayed the My Roanoke Nightmare version of Edward Phillipe Mott and, during one particular scene, he had sex in a bathtub.

The Internet Went Crazy

Fans of American Horror Story wasted little time in taking to social media to let the world know exactly what they thought of Peters' and Haynes' steamy shirtless scenes. As you can imagine, viewers liked what they saw, and who could blame them? It was extremely hard for anyone to concentrate on the drama after those raunchy scenes, that's for sure. Check out some of the best Twitter reactions below:

It's pretty clear that American Horror Story viewers liked what they saw during the latest episode. Although they've interacted before, this was Evan Peters and Colton Haynes' first real scene together and it's pretty unfortunate that Samuels was killed during the episode because, I don't know about you, but we could've done with several more scenes between the two characters.

This online reaction simply intensifies the fact that Kai is everyone's favorite character on American Horror Story: Cult and, ignoring the fact that he's a total psychopath, it's easy to see why. I think we all need a clean up on aisle four after that episode.

American Horror Story: Cult airs Wednesdays at 10pm on FX

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