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Send in the clowns — killer clowns! It is widely known that the principal cast of American Horror Story is never used in any of the promotional material until about a week before premiere night. When that times comes, fans are typically treated to: a cast poster, a cast teaser and the official opening title sequence.

However, the most recent batch of American Horror Story: Cult teasers appear to be showcasing members of the clown cult that we will see in Season 7. Coincidentally, these clowns share similarities to a few of the confirmed American Horror Story cast members that are set to take on the drama and in the upcoming election-themed season. Every teaser has significance right? Well, let's take a closer look at these creepy clowns.

Evan Peters

'American Horror Story' [Credit: Fox]
'American Horror Story' [Credit: Fox]

Despite knowing he is in a leading role, it still has not been confirmed whether or not Evan Peters will be the leader of the killer clown cult. It is totally plausible that there is someone higher than Peters's character in the cult hierarchy. Besides all that, member No. 82456 is undoubtedly hinting at Evan Peters's character Kai. In the teaser we hear:

"Who you are doesn't matter. There is no you — there is only us."

The words "ALL MUST SUBMIT" also flash onscreen before the clip ends. If you take a look at the onset pictures below, Evan Peters is sporting blue hair and also has his arm in a sling. Was this a clumsy accident or a result of a cult initiation process? Or, did someone manage to fight their way out of his clown grip?

Sarah Paulson

'American Horror Story' [Credit: Fox]
'American Horror Story' [Credit: Fox]

Noticeably the only female clown among the new teasers, member No. 534 appears to be hinting at Sarah Paulson's character Ally. In the teaser we hear:

"She wanted a better life. She wanted something more. She found us."

The words "WE ARE ONE" also flash onscreen before the clip ends. Based on her physical appearance, this female killer clown is obviously referencing the character Sarah Paulson will play. If you look at the onset picture below, the cult member has the same haircut and is wearing similar attire to Paulson. Ryan Murphy also hinted that Paulson and Evan Peters would once again be romantically involved in Season 7. Was that how she found the cult?

Cheyenne Jackson

'American Horror Story' [Credit: Fox]
'American Horror Story' [Credit: Fox]

Based on the physical appearance alone, member No. 017 appears to be hinting at Cheyenne Jackson's character. In the teaser we hear:

"Did you think you'd just say "I'll join" and that would be it? You must surrender everything — especially your fear."

No words flash onscreen, but the symbol of the hexagon is very prominent in this teaser. Not much is known about Jackson's role in Cult, but with the clown in the teaser positioned in front of the hexagon perhaps Cheyenne Jackson plays an important role in the cult. Based on the words we hear, could he be the leader?

Billy Eichner

'American Horror Story' [Credit: Fox]
'American Horror Story' [Credit: Fox]

Take a look at the Instagram picture posted by Billy Eichner below then back up at this particular cult member. Did you notice that they are both rocking beards? Well, it appears that member No. 34109 is hinting at newcomer Billy Eichner. In the teaser we hear:

"He joined and we are stronger, but he is one of many. Are you next?"

The words "SURRENDER EVERYTHING" also flash onscreen before the clip ends. Not much is known about Billy Eichner's upcoming role, except that he is a close confidant to Sarah Paulson's Ally.

Colton Haynes

'American Horror Story' [Credit: Fox]
'American Horror Story' [Credit: Fox]

Now, the final two teasers showcasing member No. 24712 and No. 4561, both share similarities to newcomer Colton Haynes. In the teaser we hear:

"You thoughts and fears are an illusion. Surrender to a new truth. Wake up."

The words "NO THOUGHTS. NO FEAR" also flash onscreen before the clip ends. In the teaser for member No. 4561 we hear:

"He believed strength was in numbers. Strength is in fear. We will show you."

The words "FEAR IS THE ANSWER" also flash onscreen before the clip ends. While both share some physical resemblance to Haynes, member No. 24712 (left) appears to be chewing something with his bright red lips. This could be a stretch, but am I the only one that immediately thinks of the picture Ryan Murphy posted when he announced Haynes to be joining Cult?

Do you think these guesses are correct or way off? Leave your thoughts in the comments below!

American Horror Story: Cult premieres September 5 on FX at 10pm.


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