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In a season where cult mentality will rise to the fore, it makes perfect sense that there would be more than one character terrorizing the protagonists of American Horror Story in Season 7. However, among all of the masturbating clowns and real-life cult leaders, the identity of the real villain remains somewhat of a mystery.

Sure, Kai Anderson is the clear frontrunner here, harnessing fear and anarchy on his journey toward absolute power, but perhaps there's something even more dangerous in this world than a humiliated man.

Winter Anderson is clearly embroiled in the anarchy too, pledging herself to Kai's cause with a pinky-finger promise, and even Twisty the Clown is set to make an unexpected return on the show as well. However, clues in the Season 7 premiere suggest that someone far closer to Ally Mayfair-Richards could be the real villain of Cult, someone who wants to push Sarah Paulson's character to the brink of sanity.

Why Ivy Mayfair-Richards Is The Real Villain Of Season 7

American Horror Story: Cult [Credit: FX]
American Horror Story: Cult [Credit: FX]

While it remains unclear whether Ally Mayfair-Richards is experiencing phobia-triggered hallucinations or whether real clowns are terrorizing her, it seems rather odd that her wife is never present for any of these episodes. In fact, Ivy's behavior throughout the Season 7 premiere of American Horror Story: Cult has led some fans to believe that Ally's wife is actually working alongside Kai in order to drive her crazy.

After all, Ivy is the one who tells Ally that nothing showed up on the supermarket cameras that filmed one of her freak-outs, and it was also Ivy who explained that there were no clowns hanging around after the restaurant scene either. Whether Ivy had time to swap out the plate of "finger food" or not, it does seem rather odd that a female clown pleasured herself in front of Ally just moments after Ivy expressed her sexual frustration.

As far as supportive couples go, Ivy's treatment of Ally is almost as toxic as the love shared between Violet Harmon and Tate Langdon in Season 1. Despite knowing the mental issues that Ally has faced before, Ivy is still quick to deride her partner, accusing her of insanity after claiming that she's put up with these problems for a whole month now. Wow. A whole month, Ivy. Your trophy awaits.

There's also the small matter of the preview trailer for Episode 2, where Ivy snaps and slaps Ally across the face. Oh, and eagle-eyed fans may have also spotted one particularly unnerving shot where Ivy appears to be sawing a body in half with blood-splattered machinery.

American Horror Story: Cult [Credit: FX]
American Horror Story: Cult [Credit: FX]

Sure, Ivy does work as a chef at a restaurant called The Butchery, but only the Polk family from Roanoke prepare their food like this and Winter's presence here certainly doesn't bode well for Ivy's character. Given all the evidence at hand, it seems more than likely that Ivy has succumbed to the cult mentality and has begun working alongside Kai in order to destroy Ally.

But Why Would Ivy Mayfair-Richards Clown Around With Kai Anderson?

Aside from her child, Dr. Rudy Vincent and Ivy Mayfair-Richards are the only two people who understand the nature of her phobias, so how do the clowns know to play around with Ally's fears? And why is Kai Anderson tormenting Ally in the first place? The answer lies with Ivy and her deep-rooted reasons for betraying Sarah Paulson's character.

If Ivy is secretly behind everything that's happening to Ally, what would she gain from driving her wife insane? Ivy's impatience certainly seems to suggest that she's not happy in her marriage to Ally, but leaving her wife could prove to be problematic. After all, the couple share both a business and a son together. If Ivy just up and left her wife, then she could end up losing the things that are most important to her during the divorce proceedings. However, if Ivy can convince a judge that Ally is mentally unstable, then she would keep custody of their son, Oz, while also becoming the sole owner of their restaurant.

Sure, most people wouldn't venture to these extremes in such a situation, but this all makes more sense once you factor Kai into the proceedings. Ryan Murphy hinted a while back that Ally and Kai are involved in a love story of sorts, which has led some to believe that Evan Peters's character is in fact the father of Oz, donating the sperm that impregnated Ally. This is why Winter Anderson was so keen to ask Oz about who his father could be in the Season 7 premiere, and this would also explain why Kai is so interested in a "stranger" like Ally.

Even if that's not the case though, it's still entirely possible that Ivy is a member of Kai's cult, which is why the pair are working in cahoots to drive Ally insane. How else do you explain how easily Winter was hired to babysit Oz and start corrupting his mind?

Alison Pill's character may not be the overall architect of the anarchy that's set to rain down on us in Season 7, but Ivy Mayfair-Richards is certainly the main villain as far as our hero is concerned. The way in which Ivy orchestrates Ally's downfall from the inside is the ultimate betrayal, one that is far more terrifying than even the footage of Trump which inspires Kai Anderson's rampage in the first place.

Who do you think is the real villain of American Horror Story: Cult? Let us know what you think in the comments section below!


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