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Across seven seasons, American Horror Story has created icon after icon, disturbing viewers with horrific figures such as Bloody Face and the Drilldo Demon. For Season 7, Evan Peters will continue that tradition through the role of Kai Anderson, a charismatic cult leader who manipulates through fear.

However, that's not to say American Horror Story: Cult won't pay homage to the legacy of horror either. Not only will Season 7 resurrect Twisty the Clown and real-life cult leaders such as Charles Manson, but Easter Eggs spotted in the opening credits for American Horror Story: Cult suggest that iconic horror villains may be referenced too. Did you spot them all or were you too distracted by Donald Trump's rubber-faced cameo or the secret allusion to the Star-Spangled Banner?


A few months back, set photos revealed that scenes from American Horror Story: Cult would be filmed in Haddonfield, Illinois, which just so happens to be the home of Michael Myers, the towering star of the Halloween franchise. Now though, eagle-eyed fans have spotted that scenes from the first full trailer for Season 7 appear to actually take place in the same house where Jamie Lee Curtis babysat children on that fateful night, many, many years ago.

'American Horror Story: Cult' [Credit: FX]
'American Horror Story: Cult' [Credit: FX]

That's not all though. In the opening credits for American Horror Story: Cult, fans might have also spotted one rather unusual looking "clown" who's standing in the background at one point and bears more than just a passing resemblance to Michael Myers. While the mask isn't the exact same, it sure does look like this particular figure was inspired to wear an old William Shatner mask and even brandish a long knife, just like Michael Myers before his killing spree began.


'American Horror Story: Cult' [Credit: FX]
'American Horror Story: Cult' [Credit: FX]

Any mention of evil clowns inevitably floats right on back to the Dancing Clown, who will next terrify us in the movie adaptation of Stephen King's . With that in mind, it comes as no surprise that American Horror Story: Cult will pay homage to Bill Skarsgård's new role in the form of his signature red balloons. Saying that though, are some of these references too on the nose? Beep beep, Ryan Murphy!

Silent Hill

'American Horror Story: Cult' [Credit: FX]
'American Horror Story: Cult' [Credit: FX]

Harpers Bazaar spotted another intriguing reference in the form of this moving carousel, which reminded them of the disturbing funfair that's become a key location in the franchise. This association is reinforced by the character who stands in front; their hazmat suit is remarkably similar to the soldiers who represent a creepy religious sect known as The Order.

A Nightmare On Elm Street

'American Horror Story: Cult' [Credit: FX]
'American Horror Story: Cult' [Credit: FX]

Out of all the Easter Eggs spotted in the opening credits for American Horror Story: Cult, this one is both the most vague and yet most obvious too. Sure, all we see of this figure is a silhouette hidden behind a green screen, but the shape of that hat is unmistakably reminiscent of Freddy Krueger and the red tint to his sweater seems to confirm it.

Other potential references spotted in the opening credits and first trailer for American Horror Story: Cult include:

However, these appear to be less concrete than the other Easter Eggs mentioned and therefore could just be wishful thinking on our part.

Either way though, these knowing homages to icons may be fun to spot, but we highly doubt that any of these characters will join the likes of Sarah Paulson and Evan Peters on . Even if the timelines did match up, including these various icons on the show would be a legal nightmare more terrifying than anything that Ryan Murphy could concoct, although there's always the chance that the likes of Freddy Krueger could join them in the nine circles of hell.

Did you spot any more Easter Eggs in the opening credits sequence for American Horror Story: Cult? Let us know in the comments section below!

(Source: Harpers Bazaar)


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